Alexander Nevsky

Alexander Nevsky

It is the 13th century, and Russia is overrun by foreign invaders. A Russian knyaz', or prince, Alexander Nevsky, rallies the people to form a ragtag army to drive back an invasion by the Teutonic knights. This is a true story based on the actual battle at a lake near Novgorod. Soviet film-maker Sergei Eisenstein's only successfully-completed sound film project with producer acceptance, it was none-the-less pulled from release upon Josef Stalin's disastrous signing of the "peace pact" with the Third Reich just a few weeks after its premiere; but it was quickly put back into distribution when the Germans (also disastrously) decided to invade the USSR, pact or no pact, a few months later and it has remained an acclaimed example of Soviet film to the present time.

The story of how a great Russian prince led a ragtag army to battle an invading force of Teutonic Knights. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Madeleine M (ru) wrote: witty, downbeat and honest. yes, you are supposed to abhor the main characters by the end.

Ken T (au) wrote: Cute...Loved Ellen in this one or should I say both Ellens, LOL"

Laura A (mx) wrote: Drle de film... Je crois que si a n'avait pas t pour Alan Rickman, j'aurais arrt aprs vingt minutes. C'est bizarre, chiant et a me met mal l'aise. Franchement, c'est rare quand je n'aime pas un film qui n'est pourtant pas une srie B, mais l...

Aaron B (ag) wrote: Okay, this looks like a cheap rip-off of Top Gun, except in helicopters. And it is. But it's really good too. With a great cast and great action, this is a great movie!

Brad S (gb) wrote: I enjoyed this one more than I expected too. beautiful B&W cinematography by Gordon Willis and it's pretty funny. Woody Allen was less annoying than usual and rather endearing in this one and Mia Farrow is gorgeous in it. A decent way to kill 90mins!

Dorian W (us) wrote: Classic. It was a film before it's time.

Ben W (ca) wrote: another brutally honest film from bergman. the otherness of its characters and the ridicule that is heaped upon them by others and themselves is almost unbearable in parts of the film as is the case in many bergman films. its well shot and moody as hell.

Rodney E (ru) wrote: I probably would have cried if I didn't watch this in class. Probably truer to form in today's times but feels as close to post war Italy and it's effects than we will ever know.

Karl S (fr) wrote: A tight comedy (duh: it's Sturges) notable for its ideological incoherence: the message--and there *is* a message, given the framing Drew's final speech gets--is that capitalism is great because everyone gets his (or her, I guess) chance to fail. Sure, 99% of people will fail, but the rest can just keep on working in jobs, as we see, that do no more than keep the worker alive. It's strange to see such a weak endorsement of capitalism gussied up with such fancy talk, but perhaps that's the best Sturges, or anyone, could do?

Sean P (fr) wrote: Chronicles one guy's acceptance of his friend coming out. Nothing really much else to say.

Knox M (ru) wrote: Even though things like the invisible car are fun, Die Another Day is a genuinely bad movie from a bad director.

Bill M (au) wrote: Gremlins is a true masterpiece of perfect tone and satire, and one of the most devious, malicious, dark and gleefully anarchic mainstream blockbusters ever made, what starts as a cutesy, whimsical Disney esc boy and his unusual, unbearably cute pet Christmas story shifts gears completely into a violent, blackly hilarious horror comedy that acts as a playfully malicious attack on the whole festive season and the cynical, consumer culture fulled greedy, shallow ugliness that now festers underneath all the pretty glowing lights, glittery tinsel, jovial songs and hollow good tidings's to all. The older it gets the more ballsy and daring Gremlins looks, and the more utterly, jaw droppingly vicious in it's misanthropy you realize it is (sample dialogue exchange: Billy: I always thought everyone was happy during the holidays, no matter what.Kate: Most people are, but some aren't. While everybody else opens up presents, they're opening up their wrists.Billy: Cheery thought.Kate: It's true. The suicide rate's always the highest around the holidays.) the most glaring example and the scene which encapsulates the whole of Gremlins is the incredibly bleak, dark scene were Kate reveals the harrowing story of why she really hates Christmas. All of this happy nastiness is mixed beautifully with Dante's sense of utter fun, invention and boundless love for movies (see the references to It's A Wonderful Life, Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, The Time Machine, and Loony Toon's shorts) this movie is packed with nods, cameos (look out for Steven Spielberg and Chuck Jones) and in-jokes and clever homages throughout, it's a true movie buffs delight. Then of course theres the stars of the show, the Gremlins themselves, like an evil version of The Muppets, they cut a merry swathe through the movie and we get great pleasure in seeing them punish all the asshole humans, especially sweet is Mrs Deagle's hilarious fate. Then you've got Gizmo, without doubt the cutest character in the history of film, impossibly cuddly, lovable and good natured and the film cruelly delights in torturing the little guy at every turn. Luckily he also turns out to be a complete badass too. To top off this thing of evil/ feel good perfection, you get the late great Jerry Goldsmiths masterful, perfectly pitched, playful yet sinister score, which captures the darkly whimsical tone of the movie so incredibly it induces chills, and Joe Dante's direction is just completely ingenious on every level. Gremlins is the greatest Christmas movie ever, because it's brutally honest about the sham that Christmas has become in modern times, the obsession with greed, excess, more more more, and says that maybe the best thing is to tear down and destroy the holiday so that in the end we can see what's real and meaningful underneath all the grotesque artifice. So in that way, it really is the ultimate film about the holiday.

Petros T (ca) wrote: Lukewarm, ever-growingly boring and with a lot of at first annoying but in the end downright ridiculous pseudo-intellectual tendencies. The makers of this film seem to think they know the meaning of life, but all I know is that I lost 148 minutes from my own life. Even Joaquin Phoenix lookalike Emile Hirsch couldn't keep me going. If only he possessed not only good looks but also notable skills...

Kevin K (ca) wrote: Went to the theater to see another film. After much deliberation I was finally convinced to go ahead and see this film. I for the life of me can't remember the movie we were supposed to see, but I will NEVER forget "KFBR392"...

Dave S (ru) wrote: The script works in the sense that staying at the top, staying hungry, can be as tough as the climb to get there. That said, the charm the first two movies had isn't nearly as strong here, especially with the lead character himself. Carl Weathers' Apollo is actually more interesting than Rocky. But it's probably the best performance Talia Shire yet. Gone is the timid Adrian. Mr. T plays a one dimensional villain. Still, a decent entry for Rocky die hards.

Wade W (ag) wrote: Superbad has become a modern comedy classic. Hill and Cera are the perfect team and they bring a big helping of laughs. As do Bill Hader and Seth Rogen. It's relatable to millennial teens too. It's a shame that it's littered with so much filth (sexual dialogue and profanity), because it could have been a real gem. I don't believe films have to include so much of it to be considered "good". Regardless, it's mildly enjoyable if you can get past all the profanity. (3.5/5)

Brent H (nl) wrote: Great 80's craziness with actually a pretty epic climax lol.