Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great

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Richard D (fr) wrote: I saw this film in the theater, and I hated it. I love Jarmusch, and I had never seen a film of his I didn't like until this one. So ... I thought I should give it another chance. While my reaction to it isn't as strong on second viewing, I still really don't like it. The vision offered in this film of vampires as some kind of aristocracy with much better taste than your average Joe (taste that very obviously matches Jarmusch's) is really the worst kind of vigorous back-patting. Yeah ... I share his taste ... but that doesn't really matter. No matter how good your taste is, it exhibits really really poor taste to be this proud of yourself for it. Normally, I might forgive a film for this indiscretion, but that's really all there is to it. There's not much else to like here.

Alan O (gb) wrote: This documentary concentrates, as it should, on the politics, the talents and the achievements Hugh Hefner has made in America over the last five decades. Less on the sex more on man itself, this documentary shows the man is so much more than sum of his parts ( albeiit nude ladies parts!)

Sondre L (us) wrote: Koselig vinter college teen mild "horror" komedie. Ganske bra effekter stort sett. Han ene som spiller ligner p Elijah Wood, og det er det gjort et lite poeng av ogs.

Margarita S (br) wrote: A vibrant retelling of the Orpheus story. The Carnival is the perfect backdrop for increasing chaos and the foreboding that comes with it. Beautiful use of colour, music, dance and crowds.

Kim B (gb) wrote: What a delightful and unique character minelli plays and she does such an exceptional job. Its a bit ironic how minelli character seems like herself in real life (being in love with gay men, drinking too much, talented, etc...) Minelli's character is one of my favorites! For a female character to be so complicated it was great! She is selfish, hilarious, talented, pitiful, sad, confident, charming, and full of life. If u like musicals this is a must see! Its set in during seedy and scary time for Germany and seedy time for the characters, who are not without their own moral corruptions. The songs and performances at the kit kat club perfectly tie in with the times and the characters lives. Also i thought joel gray was fantastic in this film as the emcee.