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Tom M (us) wrote: A documentary film that starts out as one thing and ends up entirely, and disappointingly, something else by the end.The film starts out as what appears to be a travelogue of appearances and speaking tours by famed scientists Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss as they jet about the globe speaking to each other in front of audiences.The conversations are engaging, stimulating and thought-provoking. For a while. But there's something odd in the atmosphere that begins creeping up from stop to stop: a haughty smugness. You begin to see that these men are not so much presenting arguments, or teaching us about critical thinking or views of scientists presenting their understanding of life, but rather they too easily fall into convincing us that they are the smartest men in the room. It becomes a bit alienating as a viewer.And then you see why: the film reveals itself a self-congratulatory and suddenly shameless propaganda movie for the secularist and atheist movements by the time the stars of the film end up at a big outdoor rally for their cause, complete with hollywood stars prattling on about life, the universe and everything in monologues that really dumb down what we were listening to from Dawkins and Krauss before when the movie started.What happened? The movie would have fared far better by just staying focused on the discussions between Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss for a couple hours. Point the camera at the stage and just let it roll.Oh well. I had respect for these guys until I got to the end of this film and they turned into rather smug and condescending dolts when flocked among their own true believers.

Dimitri C (de) wrote: Congratulations ! This is one of the most beautiful piece of s*** I ever seen of my all life !

Filippo V (gb) wrote: Davo quasi per scontato la presenza di coreografie e combattimenti mozzafiato, ma questo primo capitolo della saga mi ha stupito principalmente per la sua forte caratterizzazione dei personaggi e per una trama che riesce a trasmettere emozioni lungo tutto il film. Le scene d'azione restano comunque la parte migliore e pi divertente, spettacolari come sempre grazie ad un Donnie Yen in gran forma.

Kevin M W (de) wrote: Pretty rich and involving superhero tale that happens w/o the prerequisite bad guys but (as in the comics of old) with the heroes struggling with one another in an alternate universe from our own. Big fun.

Phil D (kr) wrote: Anything by Randy Scott is a good quality, low budget, low quality, cheap porno

Dann M (it) wrote: Atrocious piece of garbage doesn't even begin to describe Wild Things 2. It has none of the sensuality or intrigue that the original had. And, the story is more or less a carbon copy of the original; Blue Bay heiress Brittney Havers works out a scheme to receive her inheritance which she was denied in her step-father's will, but before long Brittney and her accomplices start to turn on each other. The plot's completely ridiculous and is full of needless twists. But the so called "acting" is what really damns this film and makes is practically unwatchable. A trashy, formulaic thriller, Wild Things 2 is complete crap.

Dream S (es) wrote: It's been a while since I've seen this's pretty cool.

shelby e (br) wrote: A great movie with a awesome rock band!

Li (it) wrote: Average. Annoying for the first two thirds, then okay. The acting was decent enough, but the plot... well it was way to predictable or just awful.

I dont know w (it) wrote: This looks like a suspenseful war movie.... I like that.

Ruby H (kr) wrote: I'm not a big Robert Mitchum fan but I love noir, and I need to watch more than I already have, and Out of the Past is unavoidable. I watched it and in my opinion it is definitely one of the better ones. As always, the script is phenomenal, or it seems so compared to what we get to watch these days. There's a nice cool pace that can speed up and slow down at all the right moments. There's a bizarre killing with a fishing rod. Almost everything else I thought were perfect as well. It's beautifully shot with trademark angle shots and darkness all around. Script is number one but Jane Greer whom I don't think I've watched before is close behind. One of the most believable femmes-fatales I've seen. If you enjoy oldies this is a must.

Jessica H (au) wrote: The gum was disgusting, but the rest of the movie was pretty awesome for what it is.

Sarrenna M (us) wrote: Hilarious if you grew up a church kid.