Ali G, Aiii

Ali G, Aiii

Clips from Da Ali G Show with unaired sketches from the show.

Atraight-to-video release of clips from Da Ali G Show (original, UK series) plus unaired segments from the show, hosted by Ali G himself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ali G, Aiii torrent reviews

Ed K (ru) wrote: so bad in so many ways

Chrissy L (fr) wrote: this movie i didnt even finish watching- i watched about a half hour of it and shut it off. it sucks so badddd!!1

Tim M (mx) wrote: Really, really horrible. The lead was one of the most irritating characters ever. Some funny film references, but otherwise, fart.

Jake M (de) wrote: It's Rocky mixed with transformers what's not to like about it? Well, it's not for everyone that's for sure. The difference between the action in this movie and transformers is that in this one you can actually tell what's happening! It's every little boy's dream to have life-sized rockem' sockem' robots! The story is a predictable sports drama but it has a really cool concept that makes me feel like a kid again. Hugh Jackman never ceases to impress me. Not everyone seems to like this one as much as I do, but, hey, it's my opinion.

David H (nl) wrote: A stupid but funny Leslie Nielsen Movie mentionable is the Woman who running naked trough the Screen that's Verona Feldbusch a Half German Half Bolivian Dancer in Pop Videos in the Late 80's and Early 90's, Moderator of the Sex Show Peep in the Middle and Late 90's and Miss Germany 1993 and Miss Intercontinental World and Miss American Dream 1995 she was married to Pop Mogul and Former Member of the Terrible but Sucessful 80's Pop Band Modern Talking Dieter Bohlen who hit her because she didn't want to cook for him and is married to Mobile Mogul Franjo Pooth who sits actual in Prison for Fiscal Evasion she is well-known for her Good Look in Combination with one of the most annoying Voices ever

Jacqui J (fr) wrote: Love this movie. Great cast. Terrific plot.

Anna N (ag) wrote: Peter Falk = Interested.

Mohammed B (ru) wrote: should have been a much better one!

Joshua S (es) wrote: Yes I watch all the Step Up instalments and yes I enjoy them thoroughly.

Thanasis M (mx) wrote: nothing special other than J. Chastain's performance

Sunny W (de) wrote: Intense, suspenseful, and extremely satisfying.