Alice Adams

Alice Adams

In the lower-middle-class Adams family, father and son are happy to work in a drugstore, but mother and daughter Alice try every possible social-climbing stratagem despite snubs and embarrassment. When Alice finally meets her dream man Arthur, mother nags father into a risky business venture and plans to impress Alice's beau with an "upscale" family dinner. Will the excruciating results drive Arthur away?

Based on a novel by Booth Tarkington, Alice Adams is a moving movie about the misadventures of two pretentious social-climbing women in a small town in America. Eventually, one found a modest and decent man of her love. Let’s come to the movie . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeffrey C (us) wrote: I'm about 2/3rds through this movie and surprisingly it has enough laughs that I'd recommend. Not the funniest movie ever but give it a chance. Too quick on the review the ending was meh. The credit scenes are hilarious.

Mike R (ca) wrote: "YESSSSSS!!!" was my reaction when I found out Asa Butterfield was in this movie. Unlike the previous movie, this one got off to a bad start, but got better. I felt this movie was a bit more entertaining because the children were against each other and not with each other. Unfortunetly some scenes like the acrobatic pigs and the crow with Nanny Mcphee was a bit silly. Sure, Asa Butterfield was in this movie, but it wasn't as good as the first movie.

Bengel W (jp) wrote: Expect the unexpected and get ready for the surreal. Well acted with interesting setting. Music is off the board and clashes greatly with what is going on on screen but oddly it works. Its fun but aimed at a USA market so be prepared for that by having some 'Chocolate Duds' handy.

Thomas B (de) wrote: Steve Carell is adequate enough, better at times, while Juliette Binoche provides some welcome conflict and a wonderful range. Full review later.

Suren N (ag) wrote: Not realistic but fun to watch.

Samantha K (gb) wrote: Probably the sexiest lesbian film in the 1990s. Some plot flaws, but overall, a joy to watch.

Ben S (us) wrote: A lot of cool people embarass themselves by being in this movie. A failure in every conceivable way.

Josh M (us) wrote: A highly entertaining adventure that puts you right in the middle of the situation. Brilliantly written with excellent acting comradery. Back to the Future is one of the best pop culture pieces of the 1980s.

Sergio (gb) wrote: A real work of art and a moving story

Vincent Solyenincy G (gb) wrote: An emotional film from the italian director Federico fellini, Giulietta masina is the greatest actress of the classic italian cinema, she's soo fantastic and brilliant as Cabiria tha main character, she was soo intuitive, sweet, powerful and a very talented inprosivional actress. Nights of cabiria is touching, cruel with the leading lady but she is strong and at the end of the film, Cabiria is one of the best characters that cinema have ever seen.

Richard C (fr) wrote: another atmospheric classic,super.

Sarah H (mx) wrote: Tyler Labine is pretty much Tyler Labine. He's still basically "Sock". It was hilarious and outrageous all rolled into one. Plus Lucy Punch not only gets to play her usual bitch but pretty much the exact character as Tyler's.

Ryan D (ag) wrote: I went in with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. The action is good. JCVD doesn't try the "tough guy" routine a whole bunch. It was refreshing.