Alice and Martin

Alice and Martin

At the age of 20, Martin leaves his home town and comes to Paris, where he fortunately becomes a model by chance. He meets Alice, his brother's friend, and falls in love with her. They start a passionate relationship, although Martin remains very mysterious about his past and the reasons why he left his family. But when Alice tells him she's pregnant, he is suddenly almost driven to madness, as his past comes back to his mind. Alice will now do anything she can to help him

At the age of 20, Martin leaves his home town and comes to Paris, where he fortunately becomes a model by chance. He meets Alice, his brother's friend, and falls in love with her. They ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Raven D (es) wrote: Awful movie.The tranny,the guy with the flies,what the fuck...Only good thing is the title.

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Andy F (ag) wrote: Though treading a similar formula to the first film, this delivers a tremendous amount in terms of atmosphere and originality. The house itself is enchanting as are the characters. Even on the umpteenth viewing this remains one of the scariest movies I've ever seen.

Paul K (au) wrote: I liked this more than the reviews led me to believe that I would. I suppose part of it is that I was a dope smoking hippy in 1968 too. Rhys Ifans carries it - he seemed ideal for the part. The style is very Britcom, but being a true story it doesn't really have the usual mythical narrative arc. Quite fun, if not earth shattering.

nadia f (mx) wrote: i cant even pronounce the friggin title =P

Deepak C (nl) wrote: By a clear mile the best film Bollywood has ever put out, and hopefully that's not damning with faint praise. One hell of an enjoyable, sweet movie.

scott g (kr) wrote: This is much better than it should be, the set up isnt convincing and cant buy, it, and the film takes itself way to seriously, although it is entertaining with great asian action and violence throughout.

Mike N (br) wrote: its a pretty corny movie...

Rolf C (gb) wrote: Good start, somewhat mundane ending, but worth watching.

Kevin M (fr) wrote: I tried to like this film, but it disappointed me with boring bad guys and graphics, but some of the acting was pretty good and Rabbit was kind of funny. And this film made me so scared of the road and concrete (sarcastic voice).

Ryan B (kr) wrote: Adults only. If you think thinking is fun, you'll like Mountains Of The Moon

Jos V (fr) wrote: Haters gonna hate. So it's the Star Wars OS but in a medieval dressing. So what?

Kris W (mx) wrote: "Two lovers. One chance. No time." Pretty bad 80's love story with Craig Sheffer (Some Kind Of Wonderful), Virginia Madsen (Candyman), Jon Polito (Millers Crossing), D B Sweeney (Cuttig Edge), Jean Smart (Garden State), and JJ Cohen (the least famous member of Biff's gag in Back To The Future). Joe Fisk: So... what... studying to be a nun? Lisa Taylor: No. Are you studying to be a crook? Lisa Taylor: I can feel your heart beating. Can you feel mine? Joe Fisk: I can feel your heart. I can feel your hair. You're so incredible. Joe Fisk: So, uh, what were you doing out in the forest? Lisa Taylor: That's my secret hobby. Photography. Joe Fisk: Really? Lisa Taylor: I was taking pictures of myself. Joe Fisk: Why? Lisa Taylor: Well, I was supposed to be Ophelia. Joe Fisk: Oh, right. That's, um... the painting out in the hallway. Right? Lisa Taylor: Yeah. You're very observant. Joe Fisk: Well, I saw you in the forest... Did you see me? Lisa Taylor: Of course I saw you. That's why you're here.

Anthony K (mx) wrote: "I just wish they would leave me alone."Almost a direct rip off/fusion of Repulsion and I Spit on Your Grave, Ms. 45 improves upon both with fun, schlocky 80's horror tropes.

Greg S (it) wrote: Last third is good, but it's kind of 'meh' before that.