Alien Opponent

Alien Opponent

The owner of a small-town junkyard offers a cash reward to whomever can kill her uninvited, space-suited alien guest when its spacecraft crash-lands into her barn. Every wacko within 100 ...

The owner of a small-town junkyard offers a cash reward to whomever can kill her uninvited, space-suited alien guest when its spacecraft crash-lands into her barn. Every wacko within 100 ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bob Z (es) wrote: this movie was great people who says it was bad have no taste in slashers it went a bit slow at the start of the movie then it picked up real fast and the gore in this was insane and the weapons were cooler and the kills were bloodier and you still get the same slasher feel just because a film isnt oozing with sex dosent mean its bad most people want tons of sex scenes in a slasher which is sad this sequel is good and so is the first one this is how a slasher should be the killer looks cool the movie has toons of gore some creepy moments epic music a true masterpiece that is if you stomach all the gore

Mike B (mx) wrote: Goodhearted but silly family comedy. Melora Hardin is always good, as is Dennis Farina, but they cannot bear the weight of this anchor around their necks. Extended and repeated fart humor gets old. So do endless balls jokes. Small children may enjoy this despite itself.

Chris G (br) wrote: What a piece of dog shit. This has to be the cheapest, most thrown together movie I have seen in a very long time. It's like crap sandwich week around here. If you like garbage, you're going to love this rotten movie. Della (Kim Basinger) is a housewife. It's Christmas Eve and after her asshole husband comes home, commits some domestic violence, she goes to the mall to buy wrapping paper. The kids are in bed so either the kids go to bed at six o'clock or she lives near the only mall that stays open all night on Christmas Eve. She gets harassed by a group of thugs led by Creepy Witness Amish kid Lucas Haas, leading to them murdering a rent-a-cop before her eyes. She gets chased to the trashiest sub division under construction I have ever seen. There is just shit lying around everywhere. OSHA would have a field day in this place. She takes a red metal tool box with her and it's a fight for her life, though most of the film ends up in the woods. Blah, blah, blah.I'm just going to list the problems with this movie. Just a list of shit I noticed while viewing it. 1) This is the most ethnically diverse gang I've ever seen. You have the Hispanic guy, the Asian guy, the Black guy, and the Amish Kid. Does Affirmative Action count for street toughs?2) The fact that said group of thugs are more like The Three Stooges than The Warriors. There is one scene where one of them falls and rolls like a damn bowling ball into the others that follow. I shit you not. We also can't forget that wonderful scene where one of them says "Let's split up." and they all go into the same fucking house! And who can forget how the first thug bites the bullet in this thing.3) In the woods, why does Della keep following the flashlight? Wouldn't you go the other damn way? How many times does she have to stop and eavesdrop on what's going on? She's not Rambo or MacGyver. Run the other damn direction Vicki Vale.4) Dead cell phone battery=cheap screenplay ploy on eliminating technology that would have ended most thrillers made before 1995 in 20 minutes.5) Finally, I'm going to talk about the damn tool box. That red metal toolbox she feels the need to cart around with her throughout the film. Now I own two tool boxes just like Della's. I'm here to tell you that they are the loudest fucking things on the planet, especially when someone is trying to kill you. You look at them funny and they make banging noises from the tools inside. I challenge anyone to go for a run through the woods with one of these sons of bitches and try to hide from some sadistic guys wanting your head on a pole. It can't be done.And there can't be many tools in it either because she flings it around like it's her purse. Add in the crap acting, direction, and everything else you get a waste of 90 minutes. It's a good movie to make comments during, but other than that it's shit. Dog shit.

Brad S (br) wrote: - A fun and easy watch with beautiful scenery as it's set in Hawaii. Jason Segel had his first lead role with this and nails it, the supporting cast including Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Paul Rudd, Bill Hader, Jonah Hill and of course Russell Brand. Worth a watch.- An excellent little comedy, Mila Kunis pleasantly surprised me in this.

Alexandra A (ca) wrote: The part in the hospital, when we get to know all of the characters is great. You could have made a movie of that, but to mix in the zombies was weird and not clever.

Andrew D (de) wrote: One of my favorite films of all-time - a disturbing and beautiful masterpiece. If you like The Hunger Games, watching this is an obvious choice. If you like it, read the novel and manga.

William S (es) wrote: Ok, I really enjoyed this movie. Actually quite a bit. Very fun. But, at the same time, quality-wise, it was awful. Terribly cliche, extremely illogical. Acting was awful, way too over the top corny and goofy. I don't fully understand how I feel about this movie. Basically it was a very bad, bad film. But it is terribly likable despite its flaws.

Bill M (mx) wrote: A gloriously unpretentious bit of cheesy 80's sci-fi goodness, for starters the heroes name is Jack Deth, so if that makes you then you will definitely enjoy this uber low budget mash up of Blade Runner and The Terminator which sees Deth travel from the ruined earth of the 23rd century to the body of his 1985 ancestor to stop mind controlling, future threatening mega bastard Whistler, who can turn people into zombified "Trancers" in order to do his bidding. It's great fun, really cheap and cheerful, featuring a killer zombie Santa and a watch that can turn ten seconds into two minutes for a hasty getaway. Tim Thomerson is an utter badass as Deth (dry hair is for squids!) and surely should have gone onto bigger things like his co star Helen Hunt, looking really cute and punkish here. 80's cult joy awaits!