Alien Origin

Alien Origin

A movie created from "found footage" of a lost military expedition that exposes the origins of life on earth.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   military,   soldier,  

A movie created from "found footage" of a lost military expedition that exposes the origins of life on earth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Alien Origin torrent reviews

Chayc (ca) wrote: The co-leads are good, but the writing is dreadful and the whole thing is amateurish and at times, borderline offensive.

Joshua B (gb) wrote: The best of the Hobbit Trilogy, Benedict Cumberbatch does an excellent job as Smaug. This film also has a familiar old face popping up in it from Lord of the rings. Simply great!

Conrad T (fr) wrote: The penguins were hilariously evil though.

Sara C (gb) wrote: Great acting. What a weird disfunctional relationship these two had. Such a weird story it could only be true.

Andrew R (ca) wrote: I've never seen a more laughably pathetic movie. this is even worse than an old martial arts movie THIS... is a movie that Liam Neeson wants OFF THE RECORD!

Bryan H (ag) wrote: okay i will admit it is getting a little old but kinda cool to see how it all started with Norman Bates by watching the film the title pretty much says it "the beginning" so we find out what drove Norman Bates to make him what he became

Jim B (br) wrote: Film noir done in Ed Wood's inimitable style.Written in collaboration with Alex Gordon, who co-wrote Bride of the Monster, this, unlike most Ed Wood films, has a pretty decent storyline and features a nice twist at the end. '50s pulp fiction which is far more enjoyable that many films which have vastly greater budgets and greater talent involved.

Zack M (nl) wrote: It's a fun comedy with good performances by practically everyone in it. It's not a horribly exciting story but it's fun to watch and the comedy keeps you entertained.

Wesley W (de) wrote: The film was ok 76% holy shit that a good rating 10/10 weird monster but good film

Aaron R (it) wrote: Possibly one of the stupidest, funniest and flaccid films ever. Everything about this is so awful you cant help but admire it.

Private U (br) wrote: A very intriguing, well written, and beautifully shot film. I've not seen a story with this type of storyline that wasn't extremely unrealistic or cheesy or both. Michael Eklund (who I loved in Xavier Gens' The Divide) does a superior job of carrying the lead role. He is supported by fantastic cast.

Natan L (mx) wrote: Every character is unlikable or slightly irritating and since the movie is hardly scary it's ultimately not worth the time.