Alive or Dead

Alive or Dead

While traveling down a desolate road, Maria comes upon an apparently abandoned school bus. A girl has written “Help Me” in one of the windows, and Maria quickly discovers the messy secrets that lie in the back of the bus. Maria soon finds herself hidden and trapped with the girl as the killer takes them on the ride of their lives. Their journey leads to a bizarre medieval castle nestled in the des

On a desolate road, an abandoned school bus with the words 'HELP ME' written on a window, Maria stops to check it out. A killer has left his bloody crime scene in the back. The killer comes... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Alive or Dead torrent reviews

Tehe T (ru) wrote: Not the best romantic comedy but not the worst. It works on the great leads

Susheel M (nl) wrote: Gripping,serious flick which makes you feel numb. Absolutely well made movie.Definite must watch

Tyler J (ag) wrote: A long time ago I didn't know that Wes craven continued with the franchise well I knew there was a scream 2 but I didn't know that Wes craven decided to continue it Well Good Job Wes Craven Again! HAVE ANOTHER COOKIE!

Daniel C (ru) wrote: This movie reminds me of three others: the Truman Show, Before Sunrise, and Seven Up!--all of which were better than this one. Still, I enjoyed the coming-of-age story, relishing in the frequent scenes that captured mundane life in its grandeur and humor. While sometimes I thought the movie delved too far into existentialism than it could handle, the performances of Hawke and the other parents brought it due weight.

Warren C (es) wrote: I watched this with an open mind, and wasn't expecting much. It made it all the more interesting to watch. there is not a bad performance in this: best British film I've seen in a while.

Rangan R (kr) wrote: In an attempt to end life, discovering the life itself!Actually, this was a better film than what I have heard of it. It is like another version of 'The Constant Gardener'. About a man who never understood his wife, feels guilty while finding some answers after her depart. During his attempt to kill himself in the famous Aokigahara forest, also known as suicide forest, he meets a Japanese man who got lost and befriends. While trying to help him find his way out, they face some unexpected obstacles. Beside, the flashback stories were narrated alongside, piece by piece to reveal earlier account.From the director of 'Good Will Hunting', the film is about the survival and fighting the loss and depression. Too slow, so patience is the key to watch it. A bit long narrative, but in the end it is worth. The developments were not that interesting, though the final twist which is kind of simple and predictable makes us a little happier. Great cast, particularly McConaughey, though Naomi and Watanabe in the fine supportive roles.For me this is a good film. I think some people, as well as the film critics got all wrong. I'm not saying it is a must see, but it is a different and a decent film even for the average people. The problem with this is the weak screenplay. Familiarity is the right word here, because you could foresee the direction of the progression before every scene. Still, the performances, beautiful locations, all make it an alright film. Normal people should think twice before try it, but the film fanatics should not hesitate to go for it. That means this film is for the selected viewers.7/10