All About Loving

All About Loving

Hélène, who has just broken up with Raoul, a dentist, lets herself be seduced (though not without great resistance) by the obstinate Serge. Raoul, a modern Don Juan, now focuses on charming...

Hélène, who has just broken up with Raoul, a dentist, lets herself be seduced (though not without great resistance) by the obstinate Serge. Raoul, a modern Don Juan, now focuses on charming... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael W (fr) wrote: Stalker Andrew Stevens pursues newsanchor Morgan Fairchild. Police assistance consists of helpful advice such as 'get a gun' and 'leave me alone'. Described as an erotic suspense-drama; indicating this was made prior to the term 'erotic thriller'.

Savannah M (gb) wrote: worst movie I've seen in awhile. the story line was terrible and didn't make sense. plus, it wasn't a scary movie the rateing would most likely be for the cussing and nudity. there was no scary part. it looked like some kids got bored and made a movie.

Andrew S (es) wrote: Good old documentary on one of the best and most interesting periods of British music. Great interviews with Bobby Gillespie, Alan McGee , Kevin Shields and plenty yo good music. One thing though couldn't they interview Liam instead of Noel Gallagher, never has man been so full of his self importance. You made two decent records and a couple of decent singles you're not Picasso.

Mary J (au) wrote: There's a great story here but the movie doesn't quite succeed in telling it. There's a lot of clutter -- the dissolute son, the love interest, the insufferable old boss, that only serves to dilute the core story, Too bad,

Al K (ag) wrote: yea it's a Saw rip off but it's a fun gorefest

Roie I (us) wrote: Deep and moving. Great soundtrack too.

Phillip B (au) wrote: Possibly the worst film I have seen in ages so bad I felt compelled to see it out to see if it could get worse and yes it did

Mohammed A (nl) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Joel B (us) wrote: This one's below the bottom of the barrel. With one character attempting to rape another character while he does his best to run away, that's just flat-out disturbing and not the slightest bit funny. After this one, hopefully there won't be another Friday movie.

De K (ca) wrote: Great movie for adults. Love to see more.

Naughtia N (it) wrote: This is a crazy movie about a middle aged man who lost his mother. He is in great grief so he makes a deal with a salesman to resurrect his mother. But there is a problem, the mother turns out quite different than they expected. This movie was very weird and very funny.

Rex A (nl) wrote: Pure visual poetry. Zeffirelli brings the life of an iconic saint to the screen in one of the most respectful biopics I've ever seen. Every shot is gorgeous, every performance is great, and the emotional range is astoundingly wide. This film isn't talked about much, but it's a great one. My only real quibble is the grating singing, but you'll get used to it as the movie progresses.

Yash B (fr) wrote: The movie is definitely consistently amusing at the bear minimum, despite its amount of silliness. There are even some hilarious moments that make the film actually worth watching. Another great thing in the movie is of course the great Jim Carrey who shows once again how he is a uniquely silly yet lovable comedian. I indeed had fun with both Dick and Jane and think this movie got a harsher treatment than it deserved.

David D (au) wrote: Not a terrible film but also not a particularly good one. Not even Hammer Studios at their best but still not entirely disappointing. In other words, a just so-so horror film. The settings and costumes are up to the usual Hammer standard and the performances are generally quite solid but the characters are not really believably written. Eric Porter, for instance, does his usual workmanlike job in the lead but the character is simply not one I ever felt was real. The film blends Hammer's style with the increased gore required of horror films in the Seventies and an attempt at an intelligent story that fails only in its failed human motivations and some rather absurd murder weapons.

Conrad T (au) wrote: Disappointing prequel to the origin of the Hannibal.

Max D (fr) wrote: Saw it being filmed in Cornwall. The scenic backgrounds weren't there as a crutch to a weak storyline, they supported an engaging and tragic tale with excellent cinematography.

sabrina i (ag) wrote: "Speedy" is one of my favorite silent films. I always enjoy watching this breezy little film, first the gags are very funny and the film has a sweet love story at the center...secondly, we get to see New York in the 1920's! It was especially fun seeing Coney Island..all the rides that people were going on were quite eye opening. It's like being transported back in time, the film is a piece of history in that sense. Thirdly, we get to see Babe Ruth! How many films have Babe Ruth in them?! It's a very funny scene too..when he makes the mistake of getting into Harold Lloyd's taxi, one of the most memorable scenes in the film for sure. I would reccommend this film as a good introduction into silent films because it is such a fun film to watch, anyone can enjoy this film. Even my mom who has never seen a silent film before, was surprised by how much she liked it. The language the film speaks is universal..that's the one thing that makes silent films stand out even today-the actors didn't need to speak. They conveyed everything through facial expressions and body language. Anyone from any country can understand what is happening onscreen. What i love about silent films is the simplicity. It's human emotion shown with in such a simple manner, for instance in this film..Harold and his girlfriend are shown to hitch a ride in the back of a truck after he loses all his money. Through their gestures they convey their feelings for eachother and how they want to get married ..they move some things around, they make a little room showcasing what their home would be like. It was such a simple thing but speaks a univeral message. No sound was needed to get that message across. It was just so sweet and tender, silent films just have the tendecy to touch your heart like that and this film is no exception.