All About My Wife

All About My Wife

A man asks a womanizer to seduce his wife in order to catalyze a divorce.

Doo Hyun cannot stand with his wife anymore, he wants to divorce but he cant. Instead of cheating on her, he hired a Casanova to seduce his wife to make his wife leave him. Will he succeed? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Abel D (ca) wrote: A great big plodder, Joffe's quasi religious biopic-cum-war epic is unfocused and undercooked. Sure, we have an all star cast, solid production values and a moving score, but the attempt to balance these two sides just doesn't work. What does it say when the life of a religious icon, the main plot no less, is less interesting than the time and nation it's set in?

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Lanky Man P (nl) wrote: Yikes this one was bad. Kelsey Grammer needs to stick to sitcoms.

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Zach P (br) wrote: I never knew a movie about prison boxing and anal rape could be so exploitive yet actually in the end really smart and really good.

Tim E (kr) wrote: A very good movie. Christopher Waltz's performance is brilliant. You genuinely end up loving the guy. Foxx is damn cool. However Samuel L Jackson's performance unfortunately strays into 'The Nutty Professor' or 'Big Fat Momma's House'. For me it actually showed up for the first time that outside Jackson's typecast role, he isn't a very good actor. No nuance or subtlety to it. Played just for pantomimic levels of mugging and terrible 'old person acting' which ultimately cheapened a really classy film.

Krista M (nl) wrote: campy noir but I liked it anyway....

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