All at Sea

All at Sea

A seasick sea captain commands an amusement pier despite local opposition.

A seasick sea captain commands an amusement pier despite local opposition. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave S (br) wrote: Superfluous. Adding songs and June Allyson brings nothing worthwhile to the table, and they botch the climax by stretching it out and interrupting it several times.

Dave C (es) wrote: Charming romantic comedy that manages to hit every expected twist and a few more.Genuinely good way to spend a couple of hours.

Gaspar O (fr) wrote: Mediocre at best. John Cusack is right at the top of my personal A list and his fans deserve better. He's not desperate for roles or money, so why take lame stuff like this? I don't get it. Still, it had its merits, although very few and far between. Extra half star just for being a Cusack film.

Jackie M (jp) wrote: down to the dirt attempts to represent newfoundland but these characters aren't like any newfoundlanders i know. i don't think that the story is unique to newfoundland but one of universal young adult angst. we fight so hard not to be our parents, to prove that we are unique from the masses only to realize in the end, once we've hit rock bottom, that the only people that truly care are those that we fought hardest against. good thing parents love and accept us no matter how badly we treat them.

shivani t (ca) wrote: it is a wonderful movie

Elaine B (nl) wrote: um um i wish he was my teacher

Alex S (kr) wrote: A genius exercise in psychologically challenging surrealism, David Lynch's Rabbits will easily be too much for many, but for fans of the director and those looking to find deeper meanings in their cinema, Rabbits is not to be missed.

Emmanuel S (gb) wrote: The first rule of doing a comedy is to be funny. 'A Guy Thing' forgot that rule.

Humra I (br) wrote: This movie is great! Disgusting, but great!

Taylor R (ca) wrote: How do such terrible movies get so many sequels? Guess I have to watch them all now...


Clifford B (es) wrote: I loved this movie. No it does not have a lot of action. No it does not contain quality scenery or props, or spectacular special effects. And no it will never rise above the status of (at best) a b-movie, cult classic. What it is, (to me anyway) is a think piece. In fact I consider it a forerunner if Spielberg?s ?A.I.? (which I also loved). In both films, a part of human society has decided that robots are bad and will lead to the destruction of mankind. But in the end, it is the robots that keep mankind (or at least his culture and legacy) alive. Bothe films parallel the racism in the world today. People who hate human beings for no more reason than the color of their skin, yet without those people of other colors; much of what is good in the world today might not exist.

Alex S (br) wrote: God, Ingrid Bergman can make me cry. A refreshing melodrama, even with the characters being so very French, like the movies tell us they are with their enlightened sexual arrangements and all of Paris happening in bars, clubs, restaurants, and cars (the film definitely capitalizes on the 60s setting with its black and white photography).Yves Montand's sophisticated businessman and Anthony Perkin's tempestuous playboy hold their own, but this film belongs to Bergman's Paula*, finding out just how much love and fidelity is acceptable. The generous screenplay, and the relaxed structure allow a surprisingly nuance image of love at a certain age to emerge, even as its inevitabilities may seem a little dated. (From a femiinst perspective, also interesting in the portrayal of the sexual double standard and the toll of changing sexual mores).*Though in all honesty, it takes a major suspension of disbelief, or rather, very good acting to believe that Ingrid Bergman's Paula is insecure about her age (at 40!) and unlucky in love, when she would have any problem picking up any man she wanted-- seeing how she's a fabulous and sucessful interior designer, and she looks like Ingrid Bergman (which is to say, still as gorgeous as she was in Casablanca).

Alex K (mx) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.