All Babes Want to Kill Me

All Babes Want to Kill Me

A Martial Artist, afflicted with a disease that makes beautiful women want to kill him, goes on a suicide mission to find true love anyway.

A Martial Artist, afflicted with a disease that makes beautiful women want to kill him, goes on a suicide mission to find true love anyway. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alexey S (ru) wrote: utter pale of crap.the best movie to watch playing with your phone. boring to hell, nothing happening, I don't get all this hype about it.

Eddie G (ag) wrote: short movie, wtf , Vin made this movie to hang up with Michelle :)

Ben B (kr) wrote: If there is a decent movie about the love of music, I am on board. Unfortunately, 'A Late Quartet' instead focuses on melodrama which sometimes across as badly acted. The cast is full of talented players, with only Christopher Walken standing out as the leader of a world-renowned string quartet. His ability to show his wisdom but also pain in his personal circumstances is great. Even Phillip Seymour Hoffman is not able to play a redeemable character with the wishy-washy script by Seth Grossman and Zaron Zilberman. The music is featured enough to the point where you will not completely dislike 'A Late Quartet,' but there's ultimately too much bad drama to completely redeem itself.

robert c (ru) wrote: awesome documentary about the amazing planet God created

Alexandra S (gb) wrote: Watched in my college Intro to Education course

Michael W (ru) wrote: Nostalgic look back for one man returning home to Ireland on the passing of his father. Seems to actually drag at times but I'm sure will connect with some people as life events good and bad are re-lived by Sheen in the grieving process.

Michael H (jp) wrote: Probably Chevy Chase's finest hour (which isn't saying much!), but nonetheless a very funny crime thriller

Joseph T (br) wrote: :fresh: 6/10 - Dillinger (1945): I picked up the Film Noir classic box set vol. 2 yesterday and this was the first one I popped into the ol' DVD player. I gotta say I felt a little gipped. Not that it was bad, but I didn't really feel that it did justice to the story of John Dillinger. Character development was non-existent, the story was choppy, and hell, I just wasn't into it from beginning to end. All that said, it was still an entertaining little noir. See it if you have an interest in the man, John Dillinger, or if you're a noir nut like myself. :fresh: 7/10 - eXistenZ (1999): David Cronenberg is one of the best filmmakers working today. Frankly, this isn't his best. In fact, it's far from it, but that aside, it's still one of his most fucked up, and if you're familiar with his work, then you know that's saying something. The story milks its "mystery" for all it's worth, and then, just when any other filmmaker would've rounded it up with a nice, neat ending, Cronenberg sticks his madman cock in your ear and fucks your skull out. Definitely worth the trip. :fresh: 8/10 - Batman Begins (2005): Aside from a few qualms I have with the picture, this is the perfect Batman movie. Firstly and lastly - the editing. I know the first few fights were supposed to be "mysterious", and show Batman doing his 'ninja whut' thing, but there were times when it felt like the editors were masturbating with the celluloid and lubing up with a handful of razor blades. Other than that and a couple of plot points I felt stuck out like sore thumbs, I left the the theatre totally satisfied with how the picture turned out. The acting was top notch across the board, the story was sweeping, incredible and strangely believable, and the writing was the best I've ever heard in a "superhero" movie. One of the best of 2005, no question! :fresh: 9/10 - Rushmore (1997): Wes Anderson's magnum opus. Which is saying something, because I adored the Life Aquatic and the Royal Tenenbaums. From beginning to end Rushmore is one of the most inventive, quirky and intelligent comedies you're likely to find. Max Fischer, played to perfection by Jason Schwartzman, is the best high school character since Ferris Bueller and Bill Murray, as usual, is perfect as the depressed and self loathing Herman Blume. One of my favorite movies of all time. :fresh: 10/10 - Lost in Translation (2003): I was big into the Matrix. Even the sequels. So when the Matrix Revolutions and Lost in Translation, which I didn't have much interest in, came to the cheap, double bill theatre I was amped to go. Lost in Translation was playing first, and I figured I'd probably at least enjoy it. By the end of the night, I'd forgotten what the second movie was. Lost in Translation is one of the most original, funny and heartfelt movies to come out in years. The two leads are spectacular (Can you tell I like Bill Murray?) and Sophia Coppola directs with such passion and spectacular imagery, that she proved to me without a doubt she is her father's daughter. God knows I'm a big Lord of the Rings fan, but Lost in Translation was my favorite movie of 2003.

Trent R (us) wrote: Lots of silly psychological explanations going on, but the actual depiction of fugue state is done well. With Herrmann's flaring score, fogging of the lens to depict intrusive sound waves, freeze frames, and jump cuts, it truly is a jarringly effective experience. It's noir with a gothic horror sensibility, with Marlowe playing up her gold-digging femme fatale part to great lengths. The cinematography and score merge wonderfully, and Cregar's emotive close-ups work well to convey desperation and loss of self.

James H (it) wrote: A very simple and very inexpensively made western musical, but oddly likeable. This is one of those films where I feel I am watching a bit of history. I enjoyed it.

Jack P (ca) wrote: The best dalmatians movie!!

Hayden R (ag) wrote: I can't concentrate cuz all I see is Ms Davidson assumed in my face

Filippo V (br) wrote: La solita trama piena di clich propri dei film d'azione non manca, ma in John Wick il tutto accompagnato da coreografie mozzafiato con uno stile fresca e originale. Le scene d'azione sono stupende, sotto tutti i punti di vista, con un Keanu Reeves sempre al top della forma. L'universo che fa da sfondo alla trama richiama molto lo stile fumettistico, e se viene richiamato anche nei successivi film, ha tutte le qualit di essere un franchise spettacolare.