All for Two

All for Two

This sequel to the box office hit All for One finds the previously tight-knit trio dispersed: Nikolai is on parole, while brothers Ralf and Timo are planning a heist involving the unlikely combination of unsalted butter, a strict diet and a helicopter. When their seemingly impossible heist succeeds, Nikolai asks to borrow some money to start over. The brothers reject him, but when all three of them are tricked by a fish-loving banking executive, they are forced to team up again.

After their newfound fortune have been tricked away from them by a banker, the three friends must work together to get revenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jax R (ru) wrote: A disappointments movie! P.S....Does her hair ever move?

KissaHime (gb) wrote: This could've been a potentially good film, if it wasn't for the bad acting. Enjoyed getting to see Kauai scenery during the movie though.

David C (nl) wrote: I would've preferred this as a regular documentary, without the use of actors, as it puts the air of fiction over this dark part of history. Like the Holocaust, and other acts of mass inhumanity, there are people that believe these events didn't happen.

Andrew C (kr) wrote: Not Ozon's best work, but still very watchable.

Eduardo C (es) wrote: Disturbing story of deep poverty in Belgium. A teenage girl around age 18, uneducated and unskilled, struggles to survive on her own. The few jobs she finds are all temporary, no one will give her permanent work and she refuses to be a beggar or to accept welfare. She also has an alcoholic mom with no initiative and possible mental illness to take care of. She seems upstanding, virtuous and a hard worker but the need becomes so great she back stabs and betrays the one person who is kind and supportive to her just to get a steady job, a male teen who then proceeds to harass her. The film was so powerful it actually changed laws in Belgium.

Jim C (es) wrote: Alas, Art is so Good, and Business is so Bad. But there is fun in thar if you ignore the point.

Jason R (de) wrote: Sorry excuse for assorted penis, booby, menstruation, sex, and gay jokes. Also, just another reason for Sean Young to show her tits. But that could happen on any day ending in "y". First Timothy Daly was on Wings, then his character used pads with "wings". See, that humor was about as lame as my last two.

Cancelled U (ag) wrote: u obsessed wit someone

Solene F (kr) wrote: There is indee something fascinating, some scenes and music that would stay in your mind, but overall I would forget this movie

Kyle B (nl) wrote: I adored this movie. This movie was so much fun to watch thanks to Beatty and Dunaway's amazing performances and career best performances. This was my favorite Gene Hackman performance as well. Estelle Parsons deservingly won her Oscar for this and it was a nice surprise to see Gene Wilder pop up. The directing, writing, sound design, costumes, and score were all wonderful and for being a 2 hour movie, it felt like it was 30 minutes that's how much fun it was watching it. This will no doubt be added to my favorite movies list (not sure the ranking yet) but as much as I loved In the Heat of the Night, this should have won Best Picture. It was so good I actually considered watching it again right then and there but it was like 2 am

Greg W (au) wrote: campy sci-fi fun from the year i was born!

Private U (nl) wrote: A thrilling film by Griffith that wasn't racist (?!).

Andr D (jp) wrote: Steven Spielberg debuta en el cine con esta cinta de accion basada en hechos reales (su primera cinta, "Duel" fue hecha para la television). Esta llena de humor, persecusiones y situaciones que rayan en lo increible: no es la mejor obra del famoso director, pero si un estupendo inicio.

Grant S (gb) wrote: Not a great movie, but hard to dislike. Fairly conventional against-all-odds sports movie, with a tragedy as background. Furthermore, it feels overwrought. Everything is over-dramatized and over-sentimentalized. The director blatantly manipulates the audience with syrupy sentiment and grandiose gestures.However, it is difficult to dislike. The whole pulling-oneself-up-by-one's-bootstraps plot is well done, and given due attention. There is also an emotional impact of the team's progress. And who doesn't like a good sports story, especially when it's based on a true story...?Solid performance by Matthew McConaughey in the lead role. Good support from Matthew Fox, Anthony Mackie, David Strathairn, Kate Mara and Ian McShane.