All Hell Let Loose

All Hell Let Loose

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All Hell Let Loose torrent reviews

Sean S (de) wrote: A very good film about a small village in the midst of religious sectarian warfare in Lebanon. Done very humorously and with great respect... for my part though I tire of the"Whose Invisible Sky Wizard" is best so let's kill each other Trope. Baffling that those in the midst of it do not tire of it as the women in this village have.

Kaitlyn H (ru) wrote: So bad. So bad I think I've lost a few IQ points in the course of trying to watch this waste.

Sam S (gb) wrote: this movie is iconic!!! what happen to the Hollywood movie version. Heard Angelina Jolie was to play the lead role

Josh C (ca) wrote: This is so god damn funny!

Adam M (kr) wrote: Oh Van Damme what the hell. Lame story bad acting just all around pretty bad. He was still kicking ass back then hope that continues.

Shane W (kr) wrote: This is one of the most humorous pieces I have ever seen. Johnny Twenties is essentially a newsreporter who is stuck in the 1920's living in modern times. It is wonderful how oblivious he is to the fact that his girlfriend just wants to get laid, his photographer is gay. This movie is chock full of 1920's humor and just standard odd-man-out humor.

Joshua N (ca) wrote: abismally presenteda terrible movie, lurking under the guise of family fare to snatch up almost guaranteed box-office dollar. no budget theft machine with terrible effects.

John D (kr) wrote: Cohen brothers films tend sometimes to dwell on evil a bit much. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It can make for great story-telling. However, for truly great story-telling, there needs to be a corresponding redemption - so that even if good doesn't overcome evil, it at least stands firm as a witness, as light shining in the darkness. Not so in this film, where we have essentially evil characters beating up innocent bystanders. Therefore, despite the films merits, it falls short with respect to the great story-telling theme. On the bright side, the brothers have done a brilliant job at portraying evil - sometimes psychotic - people and the situations that they bring about.

Saku N (mx) wrote: This movie was hilarious. I'm loving this guy Sammo...he's awesome.

Jeff B (nl) wrote: Rousing populism. Capra doing what he does best. Stanwyck and Cooper are wonderful in their roles--and seem to have real chemistry--though I still prefer them in "Ball of Fire" from the same year.

Chris B (au) wrote: The first of the never-ending franchise! You can tell from this first instalment that the producers had no idea on how long the franchise would continue to go on for. This instalment feels the most based in reality with less action set pieces and Michael Bayesque explosions. I thought the main cast performed well and how the line between hero and villain remains blurred right through to the end. The characters occupy a grey throughout. Where there could have been improvements was a better ending. With Diesel's Toretto driving off into the sunset the viewer is left wanting more but with no satisfactory pay off until at least instalment 4.