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All In

Six medical students with unique talents pool their resources to win the World Series of Poker.

Six medical students with unique talents pool their resources to win the World Series of Poker. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason S (mx) wrote: Sucked. Kept falling asleep.

Christopher R (mx) wrote: An eye-opening movie...

Mary B (de) wrote: Sweet and clever, very appealing.

Alan A (au) wrote: Well it was different

Tracy T (kr) wrote: I liked it a lot very good horror movie and i do not like horror flix real nice i enjoyed it alot.


Edgar C (nl) wrote: An entirely bewildering piece of cinematic art. Medem explores the underestimated block of the writer's mind and lets us aboard a high-speed subway of sexual perdition, redemption, forgiveness and the liberation of the flesh, elements that beautifully become mere colors in the artist's palette. Once again, opportunity cost is the core of experimentation, while the sun burns, while the wind blows, while the sea roars... Simply sublime.I had never seen sex portrayed with such artistry.96/100

Simon D (jp) wrote: I really don't like Rob Zombie's style of film-making. His films are silly comedy horrors that are neither funny nor scary. I would guess that they are targeted at sweaty heavy-metal fan geeks who think that bad movies are the best kind. I previously saw the devils rejects which I guess is another part of this story, I don't remember how it stacked up against this, and that tells you everything you need to know.

David C (fr) wrote: To put it bluntly, it is shit.

Dillon L (nl) wrote: one of my favs a great one grew up watching it

Ryan G (gb) wrote: This movie gets 2 stars for the sheer fact that it had a good story platform... Thats where it ends. The dialogue was so hammed up it makes me sick. The dialogue steps from 1922 to 1960s and even the 90s. That can only work if the story has a narrator. Rolf pulled it of in 10 canoes but didn??t even come close on this. I would give this a miss and watch Rolfs Ten Canoes.

Orlando D (fr) wrote: Airport '77 the third entry in the popular 70's disaster movie series featured an all cast(who was taking a break from Hollywood Squares), a farfetched plot involving art thieves hi-jacking a plane that crashes in the Bermuda Triangle, it's all good nostalgic fun. After the comical Airport 1975 the writers wanted to get back to it's action/suspense roots, what might have been thrilling back in 1977 becomes high camp as Oscar winner Lee Grant chews up the scenery, it also features the oldest living stewardess in film history and a pitchy voiced blind white guy on the piano in which it's never bolted down on the plane, but that would be logical in a preposterous movie like this one.

Adam K (fr) wrote: Probably the best creative interpretation of Romeo and Juliet ever. It's not just the story that I don't see as a love story but as a tragedy that shows how people are stuck in their ways, but it deals with race and real modern issues. Topped with great acting and singing. Awesome musical numbers as well and the America number with the chorey was to die for?????

Jorge O (au) wrote: This movie looked very good at the beginning. But the end. The end is the worst movie end I've ever seen.

Robert H (ru) wrote: Witchboard takes the whole Ouija/spirit board craze of the 80s and brings it to the big (or little) screen with cheesy fun.Witchboard is by no means a well made film and might have you yelling at the screen (some people do some really stupid things in here) but thanks to some over the top concepts and cheesy trashy goodness. The fact that there are some actual eerie moments in the film and a few decent jump scares are just bonus.Not quite a classic, Witchboard still spawned a couple sequels and should be given a looksy by any true horror fan.

Robert H (it) wrote: SNIPER: SPECIAL OPS stars Steven Seagal as, get this, a sniper attached to a Special Ops unit. Who knew? It's also the fourth film in what renegade film critic Vern has affectionately dubbed his "Goatee Era." The basic plot is that a Special Ops unit is performing a rescue mission in Afghanistan when things go south and turn into a firefight. Seagal and another soldier are left behind, and the remainder of the team gets sent on a side mission after returning to base, hoping to eventually go back and retrieve Seagal and the other guy, who are still waiting in place. I thought that the story was ok, but nothing special. As is typical with Seagal films, there is some stuff thrown about that makes it a little bit topical, and there was an authentic feel to the dialogue, costumes, and the way the actors carried themselves. All this was fine, and the performances were generally serviceable, if unremarkable. The major problem is the serious lack of Seagal himself. Although he is top-billed and appears on the poster, he really doesn't do all that much. Some other actor could have played his part and no difference would have been made. As for the action, it's mostly just a bunch of shootouts and firefights, and a couple of stock explosions towards the end. There were also a number of interesting throwaway lines and asides that made the characters a little more colorful than they were probably written. Overall, I found this seriously lacking as a Seagal film, but for what it's worth, SNIPER: SPECIAL OPS is a decent low-budget actioner that doesn't insult your intelligence too much.