All in the Game

All in the Game

Corruption, money, power - the not so beautiful game.

Corruption, money, power - the not so beautiful game. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Black S (jp) wrote: From the era when being an aviator was cool. Anti-War film in the sense that the strain of combat and the haunting pain of loosing friends in battle is not hidden from the audience, but still seen as heroic and worth the risk. Young Niven and Flynn stand out here. Seen it years ago, need to see it again to make a better/fair evaluation

Guilherme N (gb) wrote: Coppola hates cinema, clear demonstration with Twixt.

Tim M (de) wrote: Interesting look at the effects of placebos, epigenetics and meditation. A bit outlandish, but then all documentaries have to be.

Mike N (br) wrote: pretty good and excellently filmed.

Jeff D (it) wrote: One of the best documentaries of the decade.

Joseph L (ag) wrote: It's really weird, I loved this film, it gets 5 stars. Great acting, music, and plot. It's original, deep, and I'd recommend it. I just don't know how I feel about it. Not in my favorites, but still due respect.

Grant H (us) wrote: Fairly bad movie. The two Corey's give it their all and deliver some good laughs, especially Feldman, but unfortunately the movie isn't funny enough, smart enough, and is pretty predictable.

MaryAnna S (de) wrote: Great movie. A movie that reminded me that anything is possible :)

Mike M (us) wrote: Almost exactly the sort of docudrama one could imagine being made by Humphrey Jennings or the Crown Film Unit back in the 1940s. If the archive footage proves more powerful and moving than the fictional narrative, the whole remains an authentic and detailed experience.

Anna B (it) wrote: The joke wore thin after a while, and then, like all good jokes, it started to be funny again. Pure, uninhibited chaos. Every scene involving the chickens made my skin crawl.

Michael B (fr) wrote: Want to see all the Harry Palmer movies someday.

Darren H (kr) wrote: Technically impressive downer of a film.

Greg W (es) wrote: good woman in danger/psycho husband thing

Al M (br) wrote: Jules Dassin's last American film before being blacklisted by the HUAC, Thieves' Highway is a masterpiece of film noir that sells out a bit instead of proceeding towards a truly naturalistic conclusion. Still, Dassin's Thieves' Highway is a beautifully filmed, stylish, tough, and suspenseful piece of noir that explores the manner in which crime and evil exist even in seemingly mundane professions like truck-driving and produce-selling. A blistering look at the nature of greed, evil, and revenge, Thieve's Highway sets itself to be a tragedy of naturalistic proportions a la Zola, Crane, Steinbeck, etc. That is ultimately pulls its punch a little remains its single flaw....

Brian F (kr) wrote: Never gets old watching this!

Alexander R (nl) wrote: This is movie making done a higher level, it plays out like a psychological thriller novel. It's creepy, frightning and interesting. And the acting is top-notch. These actors are underrated.

Rich P (br) wrote: Orlys loves it so it gives me some peace ha ha.. Yeh pretty decent as animations go..