All My Life

All My Life

For Rami, all is for the best in this best of all possible worlds, as long as he keeps to himself. But when his longtime lover leaves him to marry a woman and his best friends drift away, he comes face to face with the harsh realities of life as a gay man in Egypt. Against the backdrop of the choreographed crackdown on gay men and the notorious Queen Boat arrests of 2001, he plunges into a world of loveless friendships and spirals downwards to his ultimate downfall.

For Rami, all is for the best in this best of all possible worlds, as long as he keeps to himself. But when his longtime lover leaves him to marry a woman and his best friends drift away, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Crusader (au) wrote: Ashton Kutcher demonstrates his best ASSets (literally) in this dramedy. A very fun movie.

Darryl J (ag) wrote: I finished this and was at a calm peace. I then decided to read more about it and discovered how many people are baffled by it. I can see why people are but I think that's kinda the point. I keep reading about how people wanna crack this movie. "What is this about?" "Why did this happen?" Sometimes filmmaker deliberately try to weave a sort of mysterious puzzle for the viewer but that's not always the case. Apichatpong Weerasethakul,in my opinion,wants to invoke a sort of mood and emotion for and from his audience. A strange and contemplative sort of peaceful happiness. That's what I got from it,at least. I make this sound more like a task then actually watching a film which is far from the truth. This whole film is beautiful especially the first half. The second half is too but it's more cold and mechanical type of beauty probably due to the drastic change of setting. I,also,loved the almost alternate realities of the picture. The same conversations and characters tweaked just a bit so it has slightly different outcomes. Such a genius idea. This reminded me of an Ozu film because of it's celebration of everyday life and the beauty it encompasses.

Jonah G (jp) wrote: pretty much an entertaining diversion.

Dustin G (us) wrote: Fantastic film. Well made, well told, inventive, unique, quirky, with some amazing acting. One of Allen's best films.

Kelly K (kr) wrote: This was deep and sweet. It had all the artsy, soulful elements of a Black 90s movie. Worth seeing.

Jim R (gb) wrote: A very gritty and brutal film about the seedy Hollywood underbelly. I thought parts were excellent and way ahead of its time but most of it is forgettable, standard B-movie fare. Wings Hauser does give an incredible performance as Ramrod. No joke.

Michael K (gb) wrote: Classic martial arts horror from Sammo Hung.

Edgar C (gb) wrote: Note: More than a review, this is a detailed analysis of the ideas that both protagonists have, and the excellent way in which Melville constructed a compelling romantic drama out of it, utilizing the WWII setting in an almost perfect form.MORINMorin is a priest. He is an academic Catholic man, loyal to his vows. His beliefs are contradictory, often carrying some weight of intellectualism over the true doctrine of God's Word, but often criticizing the purely empirical obtention of knowledge, and therefore denying epistemological philosophy as the most proper doctrine to find God in this earthly life. He believes in an Almighty God, but one undecipherable God. His rare mental mixture of the Bible with philosophical speculations of God's existence and personality results in a contradictory amalgamation of ideas about man's perception of the metaphysical, but still holds the idea of faith being capable of sustaining even the contradictoriness of our perception, so he uses this idea to justify himself. More than a true Christian, he is a Catholic priest of limited understanding masqueraded with academic studies trying to fill the holes of what eludes his rationale.However, he is focused and persistent, willing to convert the hearts of the world to God. He probably witnesses this turmoil of WWII as an opportunity for the world to reconsider its history and turn its face to God once again. He believes in chastity and the purity of the soul, and practices it with true conviction. He believes in a perfect Heaven having several mansions for all different human viewpoints to arrive to a metaphysical consensus, where all humans will finally reach not only God's grace, but also His unlimited scope of things. God, he says, is a "moral certainty", which is one of the most abstract things I have ever heard describing God.BARNYShe is an atheist. She is also a communist, and a widow with her daughter as the only true family companion. In a personal world with a lack of love, she slowly starts to feel attraction for her boss Sabine Levy, whom she perceives as a woman of angelic beauty and purity, like those women of the Scriptures. Ironically, however, she doesn't believe in the Scriptures.Well, I actually believe she does, but lives in frustration for not being able to understand and believe in an intangible God.Moreover, the story takes place during the German occupation of WWII, so she also decides to baptize her daughter as a means of protection. One event leads to another, until she meets the priest, Lon Morin, in what is for her a subconscious attempt of confession, even if she consciously denies it.BARNY AND MORINBarny then decides to start discussing with Morin themes about religion, the human condition and the existence of God. He speaks of an elitist God who loves everybody but keeps certain things in secret for the concept of faith to acquire a meaning. If faith in the intangible wasn't required, then "everybody would believe, and we would already be in Heaven". However, he believes in a God whose omniscient acts represent love for all mankind, but he also places the collective conscience of a Christianized world on top of the power of God over our lives, even if he is the author of all creation.Given this gigantic wave of obvious contradictoriness, she becomes even more confused, but curious to understand as well. Well, of course, I understand her. Morin was driving me mad with how his ideas were all over the place and cannot connect, but that's his character. Belmondo's performance is truly one of a kind, and one that you wouldn't expect from his more famous aggressive gangster facet. That's when I understood that Melville's intention was to form a romantic drama, like stated in the opening note, rather than focusing on the religious discussions as the main topic. No, this is a drama about two souls of completely different perspectives of the world, even of God.Why does this "romantic drama" categorization matter? Because Barny listens to Morin, reads his books, tries to believe in God and is converted to Catholicism not because of wanting to meet God, but for two reasons:a) She was cornered. With no marital love, no family support, confusion because of her attraction to her female boss, atheism, and her increasing feelings towards Morin, she felt cornered. Maybe she took this path as the easiest way to make a sense out of her life. Concurrently, the sociopolitical turmoil of WWII present in the country mirrors her internal disorder and void, so she is also forced to live secluded in her country out of fear of being shot instead of running away.b) As mentioned, he had intense feelings for Morin.--This is Melville at his most dramatically straightforward and emotionally mature. It is no surprise that the film was deprived from 22 minutes of running time for its American release given the treatment of controversial subjects, even if the subjects are as human as they come, and are never treated with a sign of exploitation or disrespect. That talks a lot about the way censors perceive things and make decisions of censorship, an idea that I do not believe in.The film never drags and is always captivating and even interesting to look at, while we witness two completely different viewpoints about metaphysical subjects to collide, while the tormented feelings of an alone woman intervene in her perception of the world, and in her discussions with the man she now loves. This is really a great film.94/100

Dana D (es) wrote: Seriously. This style of documentary hasn't really been done before. Amazing soundtrack. Amazing videography. Amazing concepts turned into reality. And some amazing extreme sport.

Harper C (it) wrote: Good special effects and funny this movie keeps you entertained

Christopher B (de) wrote: I love Brian D. And this film.