All Screwed Up

All Screwed Up

A group of immigrants from the south of Italy live collectively in the Milano's suburbia in the 1974.

A group of immigrants from the south of Italy live collectively in the Milano's suburbia in the 1974. Not only they share the house, but also hopes and troubles that in those years where ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Benjamin O (nl) wrote: Misogynistic overWords.

Hal M (it) wrote: Superior made-for-TV fare, with solid acting, orchestral music score and cinematography. In fact it would probably look pretty good on one of the smaller screens of a multiplex theatre, or a school auditorium. It's also reasonably accurate historically, even if there's some necessary dramatic fictionalizing. About the only scenes that are clunkers are those set in Paris when Sally helps the protestor steal some bread, then benefits from his intervention in turn. Not necessary to the story anyway--best left on the editing room floor.

rur B (jp) wrote: This movie sucks!!!!

Carlos M (kr) wrote: A profoundly affecting family drama in which everything conspires for something so perfect that you must be dead if you are not moved, and it relies on a beautiful script that refuses to take sides and on exceptional performances by Dustin Hoffman, Meryl Streep and Justin Henry.

Senor C (ca) wrote: When will they learn to leave those evil incarnations alone? You should know nothing good will become of them..Grisly

Stuart K (fr) wrote: Directed by Richard Brooks (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958), Lord Jim (1965) and $ (1971)), this is a powerful and dramatic film based on Sinclair Lewis's 1927 satirical novel, but the film version only adapted 100 pages of Lewis's 465 page book. But, it still makes for a powerful if overlong epic, which is carried by one powerhouse performance. In the 1920's, Elmer Gantry (Burt Lancaster) is a hard-drinking travelling salesman, but he is charismatic and friendly. One evening, he attends the travelling roadshow of Sister Sharon Falconer (Jean Simmons). Attracted by the business the evangelists get, Gantry cons his way into the roadshow, and takes on the persona of a fiery preacher. Gantry does a "good cop/bad cop" routine with his audience, telling them that they'll burn in hell for all eternity unless they repent, which alot of them do, sold by Gantry's theatrics. However when Gantry's former girlfriend Lulu Baines (Shirley Jones), now a prostitute, turns up, things go wrong, and she tries to win him back, but she's planning to frame him and ruin his reputation. However, Gantry is trying to win the heart of Sister Falconer. It's a powerful drama, and Lancaster is a good showman as well, and you actually believe what he's saying too, (he won an Oscar for this). Brooks keeps the mood up, and it has a shocking and literally fiery finale too. It's this that's influenced Paul Thomas Anderson with There Will Be Blood (2007) and The Master (2012) with it's explosive depictions of religion.

Colin W (jp) wrote: Keaton is a goon, this is one of my 5 favorite films by him

Paul D (ca) wrote: Slightly different in that it has a narrative within a narrative, but it's low budget and it shows.