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The members of a Dutch soccer team have been playing together since they were little boys. Now, in their twenties, they all have have their own "grown-up" problems. With the team's 500th ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Harry S (ru) wrote: I Didnt Really Know What To Expect From This Film. All The Flicking From The Past To The Future Was Annoying.

Daniel R (fr) wrote: The story is that Zebraman, the hero from the previous film, is now outed and turned into an object of media obsession, until he somehow wakes up some 15 years later to discover he has amnesia, and Tokyo has become a dystopia.From the get go the plot is kinda forshadowed in such a way that a child can guess the plot twists and revelations that are coming a mile away but the characters make it enjoyable to move forward. Also despite the semi cheesy plot, the acting isnt bad, magnified by the ability of the director and crew to add tension and hidden moments to more scenes than not. Zebraman 2 at its worst moments seems to suffer from identity crisis. It has a comic book syled plot but there are at times a highly serious and cinematic value that it can be taken seriously despite the fact that the movie is almost comedicly called, Zebraman 2: Attack on Zebra City. These moments appear more at the end of the film and if you can forgive these moments or learn to accept them, then the movie works. The other potential jarring aspect of the film can be how disjointed the first act feels. A person who is not prepared for the unconventional nature of this super hero film may feel lost and confused and just not buy into the plot. At its best, its got strong characters, if not somewhat two demensional, and while predictable, that doesnt stop it from being a marvel. The first intro music video sung by a character who is basicly introducing herself as the diva that runs Zebra City, aptly calling herself Zebra Queen, is still fresh in my mind and almost rivals most of todays pop culture music videos. Ultimately, you are left with a movie that is clearly made to be entertaining while trying to be stylized and original. Sure plenty of plot elements are recycled from a hundred stories but there are some true gems in the movie and with Miike at the helm, you can't help but sense the darker aspects of the film come closer. In the end, it is entertaining, I laughed, I got invested with these characters, and the catchprases, while completely corny, are memorable which is the exact point of the film. I liked this movie and I would only recomend it if you are accepting to the concept of japanese super hero action films with sci fi twists, the non Hollywood budget, and something that borderlines between a kids movie one moment, and a movie for mature audiences the next. The ending can be hard to swallow as it changes the tone of the film but overall, a good movie.

Demetrios M (ru) wrote: It's a unique and startling film from Greece that shows an allegory of family life. You will be uncomfortable, disturbed, and totally immersed in this truly original film. Isolation, fear, and "big brother" like control will never out way the human spirit or will it?

Tim M (ru) wrote: Twisted story, well executed.

Paul N (es) wrote: What this film lacks in direction and tension it makes up for in the likeability of the three students that it focuses in (somewhat) on. This was an enjoyable film to watch. However it's not clear if the film hopes to be mostly about the no-nonsense commitment of Wilma Stephenson, the culinary arts instructor, or the students who are chasing their dreams to varying extents through the skills she inculcates in them. As such, there's little doubt about the outcome. Fortunately, it's interesting watching the journey. We know very little about the students outside of the class. One is a talented football player who sees culinary arts as a good fallback option if his dreams of a sports career don't pan out. One is a cheerleader and National Honor Society member. One is an immigrant from Africa with a difficult family & home life. Each have expectations of varying degrees in their family. But we don't learn much about the students themselves. What are their dreams - beyond escaping their inner-city lives? What do they like to do? Who do they hang out with? How are they viewed by their peers? How do they interact with their neighborhood communities? We know none of this. If the film is about the teacher, we know very little about her other than that she is committed to her students and is often abrasive and demanding. She wears a wedding ring but we know nothing about her home life. She leads her students in prayer but we know nothing about her spiritual life. There's a pool party for her students, and we're not clear if this is her home or somewhere else. She is very flat as a character, which is saying a lot considering the size of the personality that the camera conveys to us. I found it interesting that there is a scene of one of the students in a church setting. She's part of the community as they pray for her future. She sings with the praise band, but doesn't seem particularly enthusiastic. It felt very staged and inauthentic. What is the role that faith plays in her life, or the life of her teacher (the only two characters that seem to acknowledge God in any fashion)? What is the faith life of the young woman who immigrated from Africa? If you're not going to answer these questions, why include pieces of them in the film? Other mismatched elements in the film include the whole senior-prom sub-plot. It contributed nothing to the film or to our understanding of the students. They seemed to go through the motions (or not go through them) without any real interest in them. Still, you cheer for the kids. You cheer for them knowing that they're going to be successful, at least within the parameters of this film. And you cheer for their futures, with as little idea about what they might hold as the students themselves. But it was fascinating to watch this one small facet of their lives, and pray that it is a portent of great things to come.

Andy D (au) wrote: it is one of their classicsloved watching them as a kid

Phillip W (us) wrote: these are pretty good together.