All Stars 2: Old Stars

All Stars 2: Old Stars

In All Stars 2 Old Stars, the unexpected wedding of one of the boys means they treat themselves to an ‘old-fashioned training camp’ in the form of a long weekend in Barcelona. The match between Barcelona and Real Madrid is meant to be the high point of the trip. But of course not everything goes according to plan for the Swift Boys.

What happened to the 7 friends from 1997 hit film All Stars?? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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All Stars 2: Old Stars torrent reviews

Evan H (mx) wrote: Such a heartfelt movie! I cried at the end! The acting is great in this!

kostas t (gb) wrote: oi tourkoi mpainoun dunata kai sto xwro tou kinimatografou-ena polu kalos Haluk

Freddy B (kr) wrote: This movie was all over the place! It was like watching the American Dora the Explorer acting all like Liam Neeson in "Taken". Ever since the Last Airbender, Nickelodeon Movies produced very awful live-action movies.

David F (jp) wrote: A superior teen sex comedy which returns the American Pie franchise to high school and elaborates on some of the mythology of the Sex Bible from earlier films.

John R (ag) wrote: 160126: This is a unique film. I loved the animation as it came to everything except the living creatures. Gribble was the exception, his characterization being the best. I've always struggled with these films that try to closely animate human beings. It always looks off to me. Yes, I know, that sounds funny. Mars Needs Mom reminds me of the animation on The Polar Express (2004). I did not cotton to the alien art either but the story of their relationships, male and female, was fun. Perhaps, because of similar life experiences, found the overall story a bit harsh for my ten-year-old son. Having had to deal with a unique maternal relationship I can see why my he did not want to watch this film again (he had seen it earlier). Single parent children may find certain aspects of this film...difficult. Fogler, again Gribble, was fantastic and have always had a place for Cusack since Grosse Pointe Blank (1997). This film will remain in my collection because of the animation strengths I mentioned but I do not anticipate it will get watched often for the similarly referenced weaknesses.

Sha S (ca) wrote: A beautiful combination of a plethora of stock footage, interviews, graphics, photography, and natural scenery time lapses form this documentary on the history of development in Austin. The metaphors woven together by well timed music, voice over, and images helps drive in the tone of the message about the impact development has on the environment. People from all walks of life and perspectives are represented in such a way that they become both informative and emotionally moving. This is a wonderful documentary for any Austinite and makes them muse over the multifaceted dilemma that is developers versus the environment.

Stanley M (us) wrote: if u missed this movie u missed a lot in movie world

Brandon S (es) wrote: Despite the poor reception, this is a solid continuation of MEN IN BLACK with all of the deadpan humor, sci-fi excitement, action-packed set pieces and fantastic chemistry between Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones that made the original great.

Luci O (fr) wrote: Best movie of the year for sure.

Coolest Dork E (ca) wrote: This, besides a small part of it that some people may consider "Rated R", this is a hilarious movie.

Lysann B (it) wrote: The curse of youthfulness isn't a modern day concept. Even Bthory Erzsbet was infected by it in the 15th century and she became one of the most notorious all-time-examples of a woman trying to stay young. The movie is a surprisingly interesting take on the story with a great female cast like Ingrid Pitt and the young Lesley-Anne Down.

Orlok W (au) wrote: Brando's only directional effort is a masterpiece and one of the best and ORIGINAL westerns--Betrayal and redemption in old California!!

Daniel K (fr) wrote: 2.5: Of all the stars of her day, Katharine Hepburn is probably just about the only one that could credibly pass for boy. I took far more pleasure in Cary Grant's performance than hers though. He stole the picture away from her in my opinion. His laugh at the end is absolutely classic Grant even if his character doesn't exactly fit with his movie star persona. That persona hadn't quite been created yet, but one can sure see it here. He seems to be having more than a little fun with the character and as he rarely had the chance later in life, he can show a bit of his British roots here. The sets were quite interesting, especially the caravans and the artists residence. I was a bit curious to see them actually drive the caravan around as it seemed to be a bit large for those narrow English roads.

Collin c (ru) wrote: if you're gonna own this movie it should be on dvd! it sucks as an adaptation

Chris B (mx) wrote: Watchable, noirish, modern-day western consisting of one double cross after another. While not having a whole lot of positive things to say about human nature it is fairly entertaining and it keeps you looking for the results of the next double cross.