All That Glitters

All That Glitters

Ely and Lila are like sisters. They know each other since childhood,they share everything and dream of a better life.they live in the same suburb, 10mn from Paris. Today,Ely and Lila dont want to be 10mn away from their life anymore.from small troubles to big lies, they will do everything to penetrate a world which is not theirs, a world where everything is possible or so they think.....

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Sebastian O (jp) wrote: One of the top 5 worst animated films I've ever seen. Utterly boring, weird-looking, and the fact that the 9-year-old protagonist is voiced by a 40-year-old man doesn't help.

Charlton B (us) wrote: The beginning is slow but it mixes with the great build-up to one of the most frightening experiences I've ever seen.

Rob L (jp) wrote: Horror movie that is pretty dumb. Nothing substantial whatsoever. Lame.

Queenella K (gb) wrote: it's not too clear with the message.. and everything seems out of place.

Nathan B (mx) wrote: Made to watch this as part of a commercial holiday. Predictable 'boy eventually hooks up with girl' plot, with little in the way of surprises along the way. There are a few reliefs in the form of some slap-stick comedy however.

Jasmin W (kr) wrote: Daniel Craig is astonishing in this film and it beautifully made.

Dan M (ag) wrote: Not bad, some parts dragged but I enjoyed watching it.

Phillip D (ca) wrote: More intriguing than a lot of thrillers but unfortunately not as thrilling.

Mirkku S (us) wrote: A very cute movie which always make me cry.

Alex T (es) wrote: Riveting as an atrocity. It juxtaposes a beautiful use of color and sound with its characters' utter brutality in a way that made me feel queasy and exhilarated.

Juliet J (jp) wrote: Some pretty cool decapitations, but this movie is SLOW! The night vision effects only go so far and the CSI plot drags. A young Edward James Olmos is the best part of the film, as a nude American Indian (and he sports some wild bush, which makes for a good scare). I just like saying the title "Wolfen"!!