All That Heaven Allows

All That Heaven Allows

Friends and family want a rich widow to end her romance with a tree surgeon about 15 years her junior.

An upper-class widow falls in love with a much younger, down-to-earth nurseryman, much to the disapproval of her children and criticism of her country club peers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric B (gb) wrote: Good old Mom fun! Got some good laughs! Nice little movie!

Joetaeb D (fr) wrote: Homefront benefits from the ever reliable Jason Statham, a great villainous turn from James Franco and a heartfelt premise. Deep down it's a campy action thriller that will please action fans but norms will feel something lacking.

Lanky Man P (de) wrote: The bad thing about this is that I allowed myself to sit through the whole thing.

Sebastian D (de) wrote: Ryan Phillippe, Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt all three in one movie is something but the movie itself is not. There are better movies about soldiers sick of war.

Erica N (fr) wrote: well...what to say...

Timothy P (it) wrote: Horrible. And yet oddly better than most stupidity comedies

James S (ru) wrote: All too often you'll hear people say about a film "It's so bad, that it's actually good!", and all too often is turns out that the film isn't so bad that it's actually good, it's just bad. Until now, because Wild Things 2 really is so bad, that it's actually good.The original Wild Things was a sleazy but smart thriller which featured a semi-talented and very recognisable cast. It was packed with a number of excellent twists which surprised and thrilled in equal measure. Any fan of the original ought to have alarm bells ringing when faced with a sequel to Wild Things in that only three of the notable characters from the first movie survived, so what exactly could there be left for Wild Things 2. Turns out that the makers of this sequel decided not to trouble themselves with such trivial matters and decided to make the same film again, just with a bunch of actors that no one has ever heard of. It's more like another episode of an anthology type TV show than a movie sequel.Susan Ward plays Denise Richardson, who schemes with her version of Neve Campbell and Matt Dillon to steal a lot of money and have threesomes before the best laid plans of high schoolers go awry. Ironically none of the cast look like they've been in high school for quite some time but their acting skills clearly didn't graduate with them. At least the original cast did have decent acting chops between them. This lot probably had to be told which end of the camera to look at.So far, so exactly the same as it's predecessor even down to borrowing exact scenes and dialogue. Then Wild Things 2 does something different. The plot does seem to get a life of its own and all of sudden, it's got it's hooks into the viewer. You know that what you're watching is awful but some how you can't bring yourself to turn it off. The acting doesn't ever get any better but the twists begin to come thick and fast, so quickly that it almost begins to make your head spin. It's soap opera style guff but that doesn't stop Wild Things 2 from suddenly becoming rather enjoyable.Don't get this reviewer wrong, Wild Things 2 is a terribly made movie but manages to turn itself into that rarest of beasts, a movie which is despite it's outward appallingness will make you sit through it and find you thinking it wasn't that bad at all. Late night, guilty pleasure viewing was made for films exactly like this.

Simon D (ag) wrote: I think this is a bit overrated as an underrated gem, I wouldn't describe it as a gem. It's ok but the acting is a bit cheesy and it is not really an interesting story.

Jenni A (mx) wrote: This film is so bad! I know it's meant to be good but seriously?! I wouldn't die to see this film! Godzilla starts okay but then carries on horribly wrong! I would rate this film no stars if I could! Not kidding! Dorset is a lovely holiday for me but watching the film made me sick and I mean literally! I was sick before anyway! DON'T WATCH THIS FILM AS IT'S SO BAD!!!!

Kevin K (nl) wrote: A truly amazing film.

Lilian W (mx) wrote: I think Danny Rose is probably my favorite Woody Allen Character.

Michael L (gb) wrote: One of George A. Romero's greatest films. I love this film more every time I view it. Perfect.

Coy K (ru) wrote: Can I give this 0 stars? I'm going to try. I've tried for years to sit through this disaster, and I can't do it. I'm a fan of B movies, I love Bruce Lee (whose vision this evolved from), but I simply can't fathom a world in which this film has any merit. It's pacing is awful, the acting is almost all terrible, and the story makes 0 sense. I am willing to give it half a star for the man trying to melt of his penis, simply because the scene broke up the monotony of the rest of the film. I would say I wouldn't see it again, but I have yet to be able to sit through an entire viewing without a headache. This movie tops my worst movies list because it acts like so much more than it is. Are there worse movies? I assume so. But they don't pretend to be genre defining titles.

Cresswell S (gb) wrote: Good rodeo movie anbout cowboy trying to make amends with his family

Bedford C (jp) wrote: I watched the hell out of this movie as a kid. A fun movie to relax with, but with little conflict to really compel the viewer to get invested in what little story there is. I do love the "Pink of Perfection" song.

Nick G (us) wrote: Really one of my all time favourite films. Kaye is in top form as the quiet, earnest bookworm Buster Dingle, and the loud, vulgar and hilarious Buzzy Belew. My whole family says "potato salad" at odd intervals because of this. Priceless. Oh, and the greatest tap dancing routine on film, period, by Vera-Ellen.