All the Best: Fun Begins

All the Best: Fun Begins

The unexpected arrival of his elder NRI brother and assorted characters complicates the life of a Goan male.

The unexpected arrival of his elder NRI brother and assorted characters complicates the life of a Goan male. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


All the Best: Fun Begins torrent reviews

David M (jp) wrote: Too slow...I couldn't help but fall asleep...

David G (br) wrote: Funny movie.Enjoyed it and very mest up

Russell G (fr) wrote: It was not all that enjoyable and it could have been much better. I do like Cedric the Entertainer and I think he could have done more with this movie, but I get the idea he was held back too much. The amnesia plot works well enough but could have been better constructed to improve the movie. Short of Cedric the rest of the cast is bad and there is not enough support or set up for him to shine. There are too many lulls and failed attempts for a jokes.

Vicki C (gb) wrote: Amazing documentary.

Christopher K (ca) wrote: Excellent plot. Animation took a hit from the quality that the TAS known for.At least it wasn't stupid CGI

Leon B (es) wrote: Review:This movie was another attempt of humour from Woody Allen, which I found silly and not that funny. The storyline, which is based around a failed cello artist who turns to robbery after failing to be able to hold a job, seemed really over the top and the main character has to be the dumbest criminal in America. After getting caught numerous times, he ends up a regular in jail which puts a strain on his relationship with his wife. I honestly don't think that your supposed to take this movie seriously because the scenes are so far fetched and just plainly dumb. For a movie that was made in the 60's, it did make a healthy profit so the studios must have been happy, but from an audiences point of view, I just couldn't get into it. Not Funny!Round-Up:Woody Allen really had his ups and downs during the 60's because some of his movies were really crap but some were a work of art. I have definitely noticed that every one of his films have something to do with sex in them, regardless of the concept, and in this movie, which is based around a wannabe criminal, he still managed to get his leg over. Anyway, on the whole, it's not a movie that I would watch again in a hurry, but it's harmless fun if you just want some noise in the background.Budget: $1.5millionWorldwide Gross: $3millionI recommend this movie to people who are into there Woody Allen movies about a failed cello player who turns to a life of crime but fails terribly. 2/10

Paul D (it) wrote: There's an interesting start in the plot of this civil war western, although the interest wains after a while as it is rather ordinary in reality.

Jamie S (br) wrote: It's my personal favourite bond movie it's also the first I ever saw and made me love the franchise

Steve R (ag) wrote: Starts really well but really starts to drag towards the end. Bedford is a shockingly violent and idiotic protagonist, and clearly the actual villain of the piece. Harryhausen's usually great work puts in barely a cameo in this film.