All the Pretty Horses

All the Pretty Horses

The year is 1949. A young Texan named John Grady finds himself without a home after his mother sells the ranch where he has spent his entire life. Lured south of the border by the romance of cowboy life and the promise of a fresh start, Cole and his pal embark on an adventure that will test their resilience, define their maturity, and change their lives forever.

Two Texas cowboys head to Mexico in search of work, but soon find themselves in trouble with the law after one of them falls in love with a wealthy rancher's daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris M (au) wrote: What a cast. Only 92 minutes. Great performance from Nicole Kidman. And yet, and yet... I saw this a few months ago and can't remember what actually happened through the different plot twists. I had to look it up on wikipedia. I can barely even remember Mark Strong's performance, not because he was bad, but the film was definitely less than the sum of its parts. It tries to borrow from Memento, Hitchcock, Brian de Palma, and never quite succeeds. Intriguing as far as it goes, but that's not actually that far...

Karsh D (us) wrote: it's rubbish but watchable rubbish - group of football fans wanting to go to 2006 world cup finals plan a bank heist, of course it doesn't go according to plan, does it ever?? some poor homework though, Vas Blackwood dressed as a Jamaican fan, they weren't even there so why couldn't a black man support England anyway??

Mlissa K (ru) wrote: i don't even have words to express the beauty of this movie!!

Arjun A (es) wrote: A hilarious first half opens up to a darker second. Asks some pretty pointed questions about art and the people who make it as well.

Alex C (gb) wrote: Flaws abound in this sci-fi "thriller." While the plot may be intriguing or at least original, Epoch just doesn't have the brains to pull off a successful movie.

Ben L (ag) wrote: Quiz Show is a rarity in films based on a true story, because it never feels like the filmmakers are trying to adapt the history in order to make a more dramatic movie. In fact, my biggest complaint about the film is that there are no real surprises and it feels a bit flat and lacking in heart. But the presentation of the events seems authentic and I love this behind the scenes look at how corruption can tempt even the most honest of men. Perhaps if they had framed the entire movie around the story of Charles Van Doren it would have been more grounded in emotion, and drama. Instead they kind of split the movie's focus between Charles Van Doren, Herbert Stempel, and Dick Goodwin. Each of them did play a significant role in the history of this scandal, so I don't have a problem with them being a major player, but the way we spend time getting to know all three of them separately makes Quiz Show feel more like a documentary than a dramatic film. The cast was brilliant almost completely across the board. I particularly loved what David Paymer and Hank Azaria did as TV executives working on the show, and Christopher McDonald was perfection as the TV personality hosting the show. I remembered enjoying Quiz Show more when I saw it 20+ years ago, but this time it didn't impact me as much because I knew what was coming. Because the script is more event-driven rather than character-driven, knowing the film takes away most of the excitement of watching.

Knox M (kr) wrote: While it huffed and puffed trying to reach the cinematic heights of Anspaugh's earlier film Hoosiers, it's still a heartwarming, albeit schmaltzy, sport film with Ned Beatty on his games as usual.

Augustine H (kr) wrote: The endearing mother love is adorable. The music score is very good.

emily h (gb) wrote: i fell asleep because of her voice, it did have very intersting parts about it but i wouldnt watch to watch it again unless i was trying to fall asleep

Jonathan M (nl) wrote: Given the current interest in things animal, this is a fascinating documentary from the late 70s that has enough material for a cultural studies paper in almost every scene. The capacity for speech, in practice, is really much less impressive than those running the study suggest is evident (so much is just translated impulse), but the questions it raises (especially in relation to disabilities studies) are still very pertinent.

Alice B (ru) wrote: it's interesting how tom cruise plays a villian and Jamie fox plays a hero. I have both a good and bad taste for movies. this movie is awesome and I will start my own youtube critic channel and review it. tom cruise is more badass then anything that mission impossible had to offer.

Sham K (mx) wrote: Great movie. I can see why this was 2010's movie of the year. Great plot interjected with comedy done well in a dramatic manner. I can recommend this movie, but for some this movie might a bit too laggard.

Eric B (br) wrote: Nice! I can't say it's the best of the bunch, but it is a very fitting way to finish these Tales of Ice Cream and Blood. Everyone is great in it! The action is fun and interesting. And, of course, the jokes, puns, slapstick, and running gags make this movie the greatest comedy I've seen in a while. Thanks for a wonderful ride guys. Now what's next?UPDATE: I CAN say it is the best of the bunch! I love it! There is only one thing in this movie I don't like. It is near perfection. I like that it is more emotionally centered than the others. Thanks again, guys.

Enrique S (fr) wrote: Martyrs is a perfect example of the term "torture-porn" the first hour of the film begins with the typical story of revenge, (quite interesting, especially by the hallucinations of Lucie) but the last 30 minutes are so violent, so cruel, so beasts, so inhumane that all the plot becomes unpleasant. And not only that, despite being one of the films more violent than i have seen, also, Martyrs account with a final more pessimistic and ridiculous that i have seen. It is not a film for the general public, too violent, both that falls into the ridiculous.Review en Espaol:Martyrs es el perfecto ejemplo del termino "torture-porn" la primera hora del film comienza con la tpica historia de venganza, (bastante interesante, sobre todo por las alucinaciones de Lucie) pero los ltimos 30 minutos son tan violentos, tan crueles, tan bestias, tan inhumanos que toda la trama se vuelve desagradable. Y no solo eso, a pesar de ser una de las pelculas mas violentas que he visto, tambin, Martyrs cuenta con un final mas pesimista y ridculo que he visto. No es una pelcula para todo el publico, demasiado violenta, tanto que cae en lo ridculo.

Rich S (kr) wrote: Comedic advertising romp with Doris Day and Rock Hudson. Fun stuff! A favorite!