All the Rage

All the Rage

A rich cross-section of urban USA find their lives changed when their fates collide at gunpoint.

Handguns figure in the intertwining lives of nine people. Warren shoots his wife Helen's lover and his defense is that he thought he was shooting an intruder. She leaves him; the lawyer ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Boris M (au) wrote: Great movie. Truly loved it. Talks about one of the great reasons why it's great to be an American.

Gabriel A (de) wrote: Raso, melodramtico, pretensioso, descontroladamente equivocado, tambm ambicioso, pouco divertido e bastante sem graa. o filme evitou a comdia romntica de final feliz de costume, mas a frieza do filme o torna repugnante.

Crystal W (br) wrote: Very good movie with an interesting storyline. It was very moving and spiritual.

Anson H (jp) wrote: This is one of my 3 favourite Disney films. Disney's first good CGI Film

Javier V (de) wrote: Ah! Qu mala peli! El ttulo no tiene sentido! Se debio llamar: Carlos el fiel jajaja o una cosa una historia bonita pesimamente actuada y desarrollada...nop, no la apruebo jajaja...

Riley H (mx) wrote: This is a good movie that could have been great, if only DGG had refrained from the "I went to film school!" moments that dominate the opening and persist, seemingly at random, throughout the film. Otherwise, it's quite good. That scene with the tow truck is priceless.

John B (ag) wrote: Fascinating behind the scenes look at another attempt to make Don Quixote. Considering that Terry Gilliam was in charge, it is genuine shame that this movie didn't come to fruition. I would have been something.

Joewl L (it) wrote: Lothar Schramm is a polite, neighbourly cab driver who makes an honest living and invites callers in for cognac. Later on, he might slit their throats and assemble their bodies in suggestive poses. He lives next door to a young, beautiful prostitute named Marianne, whom he is smitten with. Schramm is lonely. His sex life is seriously deranged and his social life is nonexistent. He makes love to inflatable plastic dolls, fantasizes about vaginas with teeth, nails his foreskin to a chair and dreams of a visit to the dentist who extracts him an eyeball. He has constant flashbacks and paranoid delusions of his knee getting amputated. He whitewashes bloodstains off the walls of his flat. When Marianne is invited by some affluent gentlemen clients to a villa outside of town, she asks Schramm to chauffeur her so she'll be safe. He accepts and he invites her to a friendly dinner, ignoring his desire for her. He takes her back to his flat, where he drugs her and strips her. He snaps photos and masturbates spitefully over her naked body. The next day Marianne rings at his door for a lift, but Schramm does not answer. He has fallen from a ladder while painting over the blood on his walls. His head has cracked on the floor. The next thing we see is Marianne in the villa outside of town, attired like a Hitler youth, bound and gagged on a chair, helpless victim to her eccentric clients. Papers declare the 'Lonesome Death of Lipstick Killer.'

Andrew B (it) wrote: Spoony says stay away!

Vishal G (br) wrote: love it since its cartoon series

Raquel P (ca) wrote: i was really taken aback by how twisted this movie became.its almost to the point where you dont want to believe it.

Courtney G (ca) wrote: I knew it wouldn't be as good as RHPS but I wanted to see it anyway. The songs were ok. I feel like there were too many of them though. Not much of a story but maybe that's why there were so many songs. It was just a little boring.

Jerome K (ca) wrote: If I had to describe this film in one phrase, I'd call it Gene Kelly's vanity project. Not that that's a bad thing. There are tons of impressive musical numbers that showcase the singing and dancing talent of the stars, especially Kelly. I suppose I was influenced by reports that he was a perfectionist who, as co-director, was very hard on his co-workers. The story and acting may be a little dated, but this is one of the definitive classic musicals, so if you're fan of the genre, you should see it at least once.