All the Women I've Loved

All the Women I've Loved

Confident and handsome TV executive, LeBaron Brown, has it all: great career; beautiful girlfriend. Life is perfect... until he gets dumped!

Confident and handsome TV executive, LeBaron Brown, has it all: great career; beautiful girlfriend. Life is perfect... until he gets dumped! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Al M (kr) wrote: A truly original horror film, Jug Face concerns a community of rural families who engage in a bizarre series of rituals involving a pit that is supposedly sentient or supernatural and local seer who carves jugs with the faces of people who will die soon. A harrowing and emotional look at customs, traditions, and social norms, Jug Face explores the consequences of going against social expectations. A visceral and intelligent critique of family and community, Jug Face elicits empathy as well as horror on a constant basis as it proceeds towards its conclusion.

Adam K (ca) wrote: Fell asleep just reading about it.

Kostas T (au) wrote: First of all, Lynacy and Jan vankmajer's movies in general are based on the surreal wave of art. This means that the movie created by Jan won't be easy to understand or easy to watch.However Lunacy had a clear plot. The main actor Pavel Lika,in my opinion, wasn't the best actor for the position of the main character. I consider it as a wrong move because of his poor performance. However I liked the character of Marquis, who reminded me the persona of Dracula, especially in the beginning when he struggled to keep Jean under his wing. The pictures into the lunatic asylum were quite productive,because of the play between the meaning of freedom (the specific 'game' is common between Socialism and the democratic system). I also liked the scene in the church of Marquis as well as the surreal moments with the body parts. In conclusion, I feel the need to watch the film again to understand it's hidden messages,given by the surreal view of the director.

Ollie W (mx) wrote: I do not understand the hate for this movie in the slightest. I think that it is a brilliant kids film; one of my favourites growing up, and even now I see no issues with it.

Edgar C (nl) wrote: Beyond the limits of boredom. 25/100

Tisha M (au) wrote: My son loves mighty ducks

Matt V (gb) wrote: Macaulay Culkin as a wise ass kid and Ted Danson as a likeable buffoon? How original. This is one of those movies that should have never been made.

pam c (gb) wrote: fabulous movie. You'll be surprised.

Susan K (us) wrote: This movie is beautifully, hilariously dark. It captures perfectly the feeling of complete and utter unexpected betrayal. Did I mention that it's dark? It is.

Jon F (us) wrote: a rough and rugged exploitation film dealing with torture experiments in WWII concentration camps

Caitlin L (us) wrote: The three of them are really good together.

David W (kr) wrote: Yippee K'I'eh Motherfuckers!!!!!

Ricardo C (us) wrote: Com efeitos prticos clssicos e duas fortes prestaes principais, "Ginger Snaps" eleva-se acima de muitos filmes sobre adolescentes merc de foras sobrenaturais, ao mesmo tempo que contm paralelismos vida social dos jovens intervenientes e aos medos e receios da entrada na fase pr-adulta. Fora algumas decises incoerentes tomadas pelas personagens, a atmosfera adequada assim como o suspense efetivo, e o modelo da criatura tem a melhor das inspiraes em Rick Baker, contribuindo para um estatuto de culto bem merecido.

Patrick J (jp) wrote: I got this movie for my mom for Christmas. We watched it and laughed the whole way through. It felt good and was funny.