All Through the Night

All Through the Night

Broadway gambler 'Gloves' Donahue wants to find who killed the baker of his favorite cheesecake. He sees nightclub singer Leda Hamilton leaving the bakery. When her boss Marty's partner Joe is murdered, Leda and her accompanist Pepi disappear. It turns out that beneath all the mystery is a gang of Nazi operatives planning to blow up a battleship in New York harbor.

Runyonesque Broadway gamblers turn patriotic when they stumble onto a cell of Nazi saboteurs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dylan B (de) wrote: Everyone should watch this.

Iver P (au) wrote: Sweet, but no believable.

Michael R (ca) wrote: Tom Cruise has come back to the genre he does so well, and his performance helps Jack Reacher to be a better movie than the majority of action films coming around the bend recently.

Kris S (ag) wrote: Thought it was gonna be a comedy.... a Real downer...

Scott C (kr) wrote: B-grade stuff, but memorable and sometimes fun. Jean-Claude Van Damme is undeniably charismatic and Ally Walker is super cute as his love interest.

Tamsin P (nl) wrote: Probably one of the funniest comedies ever.

Mike N (ag) wrote: I enjoyed the movie and the idea of it, but i could not help feeling like a little something was missing..

Sanford R (es) wrote: The worst 'Herbie' movie of the six that I've seen. This was pretty annoying. I guess that after a few of these movies it starts to get a little old. Very disappointing for a Disney movie as well.

Charles P (ca) wrote: Faces is direct and harsh picture; the result is like volatile, intelligent glimpse into characters so well-defined you'd swear they're real people.

Mike M (kr) wrote: The presence of L.Q. Jones and a typically sweaty Warren Oates among [the brothers] offers a signpost towards the Peckinpah to come, yet for much of his running time, "Ride" plays like a natural development of those digressive, Hawksian studies in male cameraderie for an audience coming to expect something more progressive from their entertainments. (The highpoint is Hartley and Jones's spectacularly tacky and discomforting wedding in a brothel, presided over by a drunken judge, with a trio of whores as makeshift maids of honour.) Certainly, there's an acknowledgement the times are a-changing, but Peckinpah himself appears determined to cling to the very best of the old West. For all that Lucien Ballard's photography - crisp and misty, as required - is lovely and a genre benchmark for the time, it pales when set against the sight of two very watchable screen veterans comporting themselves with the utmost dignity and gentility.

Joseph P (ru) wrote: One of the scariest horror films I've ever seen.Watch with caution at night.Cause remember:If it's in a word,or it's in a look.You can't get rid of the Babadook.

Taylor R (jp) wrote: How do such terrible movies get so many sequels? Guess I have to watch them all now...