All'ultima spiaggia

All'ultima spiaggia

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Tim M (nl) wrote: Surprising range of subjects. From cat raping, to the evil of corporations and religions. I like his accent, some of the bits are very funny, but he can get quite annoying.

Thomas A (ag) wrote: A highly emotional French film about the three strangers whose lives were changed forever by a single accident that affected their lives. I think it has a rather delicate story, so I wonder why it is given such low ratings by the public...perhaps they do not like the fact that the ending does not provide a satisfactory conclusion.

Gena D (nl) wrote: I thought I had reviewed this.

Harper C (jp) wrote: I'm not sure why it's such a low score. It was entertaining and thrilling

Bianca W (gb) wrote: Expected more. Very low budget even though it has Elisha Cuthbert.

Rinaldo H (us) wrote: Great animation but weak pacing. The moral ambiguity of the characters is awkward in a bad way.

Sterlin R (ca) wrote: Whenever I have a Snow Day and when schools are shut and roads are closed, then I watch "Snow Day". Funny thing is, I used to be obsessed with this movie when I was little. I love it!

Farah R (de) wrote: A good historical movie to watch. I would say that the actors playing Jinnah didn't look enough like him. The actor playing and the one playing Nehru were better matches

Kalle R (br) wrote: An odd film to say the least. And oddly engaging. The near-exploitative nudity somewhat belies its depth, though it's hard to say what exactly it is Borowczyk is trying to say with the film as a whole.

Stefanos T (es) wrote: The critics are so wrong about this movie. Just skip this one.

Susan Burt W (nl) wrote: Hysterical....loved it. ......I cannot believe the scores. We were laughing so hard.

Yoviendra E (fr) wrote: Yeah...Ummm...okay...2 stars is good donation for this...

Shawn S (es) wrote: This retains a lot of the charm of the first one featuring exquisite performances from Christopher Reeve & Gene Hackman with Margot Kidder giving an even better performance than last time and has an outstanding story and some great humor.