All You've Got

All You've Got

Two Southern California volleyball teams determined to prove their superiority on the court find out that they're not as different as they previously thought after tragedy strikes close to home in director Neema Barnette's affectionate sports drama. The Madonnas and the Phantoms are two volleyball teams with a longstanding grudge. With a bitter rivalry that frequently spills off of the court and into the streets, the Madonnas and the Phantoms appear to have nothing in common until fate forces them to break down the social and cultural barriers that bind them. Now determined to keep it together on the court as they make their way to the championships, these former rivals are about to find out what true sportsmanship is really all about.

Three privileged female volleyball players transfer to the barrio high school of rivals when their private campus burns down. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jay P (mx) wrote: What's not to love!! Watched this about a month ago and thoroughly enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

Scott C (ru) wrote: Decent effort, but I found the story a bit difficult to follow at times. Probably more my fault than the filmmakers'.

shyanne s (gb) wrote: this was one of the best movies I have ever seen

Buggy B (nl) wrote: Opening scene hooked me into watching all of this. I was dubious because of Nolte but he was good here as the grumpy sensei master. Uplifting move and the kind you'd have to watch several times to catch all the quotable/liveable meanings. Enjoyed the gymnastics, a couple of familiar faces from White collar and Vampire Diaries were a nice surprise too. Now I gotta read the book.01/13

Amy K (ag) wrote: I saw this when I was ten, and I loved it ever since.

Ana M (br) wrote: 4... not for the right reasons...

Constana B (us) wrote: Sentimental and whimsical modern metaphor but simple tale, heartfelt and sincere. Precious and fragile script with master craftsmanship sheen and rhythm, stunningly shot particularly in its fantastical circus illusions. Force of nature performance by Gerard Depardieu, operating brilliantly on an emotional level.

Adam R (kr) wrote: (First and only viewing - In my early twenties)

Jon C (au) wrote: A great film starring the underrated Bob Hoskins!

Matthew L (fr) wrote: A far more subtle entry in the Carry On franchise than it became known for in the later entries. A battle of the sexes using taxis as the weapon. A gentle sunday film that you can watch with all the family without having to worry about any innuendo with the kids and a more consistent film all round than some of the more episodic entries.

Eduardo L (kr) wrote: Rewatched 11-27-2016, 2-2-2014. Original rating: September 21, 2010. 4.5/5

Mel L (us) wrote: Oh another fave Shirley Temple movie. Love it!

Al H (gb) wrote: A surreal movie a la Buuel and one of the best films of David Lynch.

Dustin I (it) wrote: A riveting re-imagining of the events following Lincoln's Assassination and the terrible meaning of sacrifice!