Alla ricerca di Tadzio

Alla ricerca di Tadzio

Documentary on Luchino Visconti's travels and auditions in search for a young actor to portray the role of Tadzio in his adaptation of Thomas Mann's novella "Death in Venice", finally choosing Swedish actor Björn Andrésen.

Documentary on Luchino Visconti's travels and auditions in search for a young actor to portray the role of Tadzio in his adaptation of Thomas Mann's novella "Death in Venice", finally choosing Swedish actor Björn Andrésen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeevan G (de) wrote: The movie was exactly the same as the first one, except with different characters. I didn't like this one compared to the first one. For those who want to watch this movie, I suggest you watch the first one.

Robert H (es) wrote: If you like your martial arts films with huge epic battles, you'll love Legendary Amazons. The film plays out much like the battles from an Onimusha video game with tons of "legendary" characters taking on masses of enemy troops and "bosses" using all sorts of fighting techniques unique to each one.This is also where the problems with the film truly stem as there are way too many characters to keep track of and plenty who are made a big deal out of only to have them die really early and/or quickly never to really have much impact on the film as a whole.But that aside, I still enjoyed the film and the scope of it, I just wish they had tightened up on the script and the characters involved and concentrated on the main storyline.

Frdric H (ru) wrote: A very well told and beautiful story that will keep you wanting to see how it will end. A Great watch !

Hope M (fr) wrote: Good actors, confusing/boring story-line

Bill (ru) wrote: A really good movie! It kept me interested all the way through. The ending was odd, but still a pretty good movie.

Tsubaki S (mx) wrote: Shitty mexican cinema part 5341: Tarantinesque crap.

Leonardo Malacay S (jp) wrote: La vida nunca es fcil a ninguna edad, al igual que a cualquier edad es posible escapar pero inevitable regresar

Sean L (it) wrote: A half-baked science fiction plodder in which Gary Sinise tries to convince the authorities he's not actually a body-snatching cyborg with a bomb in his heart. Originally intended as one-third of a short story anthology, the studio called an audible midway through production and stretched it to a feature length by itself. The lack of preparation is crippling, as bad effects, terrible scenery, atrocious dialog and a heavily padded plot are exposed and emphasized by the longer running time. Sinise's character, the intended heart and soul of the picture, is incendiary and unlikeable, a standoffish prick who makes an already-bad position worse for himself in almost every situation. The awful lines he spits (seriously, the worst-written dialog this side of The Room) aren't helped by a hyperactive editor, switching angles several times in a single sentence. Awful in almost every sense, at least it goes out with a bang.

Sean M (gb) wrote: The jail sequence... it's not perfect but it's still great.

Jennifer A (fr) wrote: [size=2]I'm beginning the rather lengthy task of entering into the database every film I have seen, at least those I have a decent memory of. Some may have the briefest of reviews while many will just have a number. Those films that I consider personal favorites and/or those that have some historical signficance I will add later when I have time for more lengthy reviews. [b]Absolute Beginners[/b], directed Julien Temple, is a rock musical set in Great Britian during the 50's. The film stars Patsy Kensit, David Bowie, and Eddie O'Connell. Great music, so-so movie. The third installment of the Rocky series, [b]Rocky III [/b]finds Rocky losing the title to Mr. T. The original charm of the first Rocky film has been lost as the sequels have become nothing more than a star vehicle for Stallone. [b]All the Right Moves[/b], directed by Michael Chapman, stars Tom Cruise as teenager who tries to use his skills as a football player to help him get out of a small, decaying town. Also stars Craig T. Nelson, Lea Thompson and Chris Penn. [b]Jacknife[/b], directed by David Jones, stars Robert DeNiro as a traumatized Vietnam war vet. The film co-stars Ed Harris, Kathy Baker and Charles S. Dutton. [b]Wisdom[/b], directed by and starring Emilio Estevez, is the story of an ex-con (Estevez) who can't find a job, so he resorts to robbing banks with his girlfriend Demi Moore. [/size]

Mike R (nl) wrote: The greatest martial arts movie I've yet seen. There is a scene about 2 minutes into the film that made my jaw hit the floor - after that I could not stop watching.

Ami I (us) wrote: Bagdad Caf (also known as Out of Rosenheim) is a 1987 German film directed by Percy Adlon.The film is a comedy set in a remote truck-stop caf and motel in the Mojave Desert. The film begins when German tourist Jasmin (Sgebrecht) has a fight with her husband whilst they are driving across the desert. She storms out of the car and happens upon the truck stop run by the tough-as-nails and short tempered Brenda (Pounder), whose own husband, after an argument out front, is soon to leave her too.The cafe is visited by an assortment of colorful characters, including strange ex-Hollywood set-painter (Palance), glamorous tattoo artist (Kaufmann), topped off with a melodious backdrop in the form of J. S. Bach preludes recited on piano by Brenda's son (Darron Flagg). With an ability to quietly empathize with everyone she meets at the cafe, helped by a passion for cleaning and performing magic tricks, Jasmin gradually transforms the caf and all the people in it.

Jacob G (gb) wrote: The second installment of the rocky series is not as good as the first movie but has the heart the first did

Javier H (br) wrote: A documentary-film which basically revolves around the many problems that Their Satanic Majesties were dealing with during the 1969 US Tour. The film moves with wit and grace and captures the audience with an intelligent, morbid purpose: to show the killing of Meredith Hunter, a young black man whose assassination, led by a racist, hatred member of the Hells Angels, signified the decadence and the end of the Hippie counter-culture movement. It is impressive to see Jagger failing in his attempt to keep people calm during the show, as well as young Tina Turner's performance before the band. But its most astonishing detail is at the end, in which we see a symbolic sunset followed by a disgusted crowd of Rolling Stones Hippie fans questioning themselves, trying to answer how hypocrite is the condition of human nature.

Oliver E (de) wrote: Amazing. One of the best films I've seen this year. I can't get over the writing.

bloodywhitetrap (ru) wrote: speak is a showtime indie movie starring Kristen Stewart about a girl living her life as a freshmen in high school like nothing is wrong despite being raped over the summer by a senior this movie is great because we see the pain in her and she doesn't even need to say anything this is a journey into the mind of a traumatized teen girl and as time goes on she finds the courage to "speak" I think this is a great film a great role for kristens form of acting granted it can get into dark places but this movie represents that despite the dark you can find the light

Jennifer P (mx) wrote: Reminded me of a Lifetime movie......

alitah e (jp) wrote: this was a super cute movie i like it

Rosaleen M (kr) wrote: This is a truly awful movie in terms of plot. As others have said, the darkness of the landscape is captured extremely well, but what is the point of this movie? One critic said that he thought that the trial would make Joe realize that he had to step up to the plate so someone didn't get given the death penalty for something he didn't do. Doesn't happen! Half way through, I wondered what the point was but felt I had to keep watching in case I was really missing something moving. I wasn't. I lost one hour and thirty eight minutes over a film with a title I just couldn't make sense of. Never was sex so unforgiving. McGregor is a handsome man who acts the part (whatever that is!) well, but to what end. I am still shaking my head!

Dusty L (jp) wrote: Definitely an improvement over the original, but not enough to really stand out. The characters are still uninteresting, outside of D, and the romance between a human and a vampire has next to no chemistry. The art style and voice acting is great though for a 2001 release.