Almost Angels

Almost Angels

Supported avidly by his mother and more reluctantly at first by his father, a working-class Austrian boy joins the Vienna Choirboys, where he proves to be unusually talented. The standard initiation ordeals which new boys must endure at the hands of their seniors are intensified in his case because he has aroused the jealousy of Peter, the head chorister, by singing a solo which Peter had long sung himself. The fact is that Peter's voice is breaking, and with a broken voice often comes a broken heart. But, encouraged by the director and all the boys, Peter begins to develop in a new role as composer and conductor.

Supported avidly by his mother and more reluctantly at first by his father, a working-class Austrian boy joins the Vienna Choirboys, where he proves to be unusually talented. The standard ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sathiya Soruban E (us) wrote: excellent cinematography,stylish direction and bold content...but still the film falls short due to its wavering screenplay

Cheryl L (br) wrote: It's good to see that Matthew McConaughey along with the other main actors/ actresses in this movie are capable of acting such a varied role in this movie compared with other movies they have been in. I found this storyline a bit too much for a movie in places, hence my lowered rating. However, I didn't get bored and it was watchable the one time.

sara k (kr) wrote: - u'll laugh ure whole way out

Dawn (us) wrote: This review could be quite biased in best friend recommended me to watch it......and after spending time with Romanian soldiers in Afghanistan....this movie was hillarious......but that might be due to the experience I had between watching American soldiers and watching Romanian soldiers. The movie is full of suttle laughs.....and the interactions between all the characters are as real as it can my opinion...California dreaming is a well made film and delivers to the audience a different topic then what they are typically use to....this movie runs on dialog.....not those who need something to happen instead of being happy with just vieing the relationships between all the may be disappointed......but me, I laughed a lot!

Asif H (fr) wrote: Despite the film being released several years too late, still watchable.

SteL P (us) wrote: Nice children's movie, very harsh though, didn't see that death coming.

jay n (jp) wrote: Stupid, stupid movie.

Shawn E (nl) wrote: "Cut" is an average slasher with a supernatural twist that is intriguing in concept but a failure in execution. The idea that a fictional killer is made flesh and blood via a horror film is an interesting idea, but the film never answers the questions raised by such an occurrence. Why did such a thing happen with this particular film and not the countless other horror films out there? Why does the killer only show up when others try to finish the film? It is shown that the reels of film themselves are what keep the killer alive, yet he's only around during these brief time periods? Also, the film falters by having the killer remove his mask and make little quips near the end of the film. The killer is much scarier as a silent figure in a mask than he is unmasked and spouting off witty remarks. The middle third of the film is the best part, when the murderer is killing off his victims and the film has a generally serious tone to it. There are some good kills during this time with one of the characters being dispatched via a log splitter to the head, and the actor playing the killer in the film within the film meeting up with his murderous counterpart. The beginning, however, is too campy for my tastes, with Vanessa's lame dialogue and Geoff Revell's overacting as Lossman being the worst aspects, and the ending loses focus after the supernatural element is introduced. The killer's face melting as the reels of film are destroyed was cool, but, otherwise, the ending was a disappointment. The movie also suffers from characters doing unbelievably stupid things at times. Two in particular stand out in my mind. One scene has Damien, the cameraman, watching the killer approach him through the camera after the rest of the film crew has already fled, just waiting to get skewered. Another scene has two members of the crew sitting in a car watching the killer go fill up a container with gasoline in order to set them on fire. Do they flee the car while he's doing this? No. It appears that they'd much rather sit still and wait to get cooked. The majority of the acting in the movie was pretty good, though, and the characters were actually rather likable and interesting for the most part. Stephen Curry's performance as Rick was genuinely amusing at times which was a pleasant surprise. Regardless of the film's many frustrating qualities, and despite there being far better slashers out there to watch than this one, you could also do much worse than "Cut". If you're into the slasher genre, it's a decent way to waste an hour and a half. Just don't expect much going in.

Michal (mx) wrote: O tv?r?m ivot? Jacksona Pollocka. Asi by to cht?lo znt n?co o jeho ivot? p?ed shldnutm filmu, je tam hodn? jmen a pojm?, co mn? jako laikovi nic ne?kaj. Tuil jsem, e Pollock byl alkoholik, e to ale ovliv?ovalo jeho ivot a tvorbu tak moc, to bylo pro m? p?ekvpko.

Joshua B (it) wrote: a better movie then what I thought it would be.

GwenEllyn A (ru) wrote: I thought and still think this is a very funny movie. Just sit back and enjoy.

joao b (us) wrote: Batman Returns se oferece como uma sequencia mais Dark que o primeiro,conseguindo trazer um universo semelhante ao das HQs.

Brody M (jp) wrote: Wonderful film.I just wish everything worked out for Melvin

Rick S (au) wrote: Very funny. Some parts of the plot are hard to follow.

HungYa L (ca) wrote: worst than the first one...

Daniel P (es) wrote: It only superficially resembles its source material, but Sleepy Hollow puts the combined efforts of Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, and Danny Elfman to appropriately creepy use.