Almost Famous

Almost Famous

Almost Famous is an autobiographical inspired film about a 15-year-old who is hired by Rolling Stone magazine to follow and interview a rock band during their tour. A film about growing up, first love, disappointment, and the life of a rock star.

William Miller wants to become a music journalist, he follows the band Still Water thanks to the help of a girl named Penny and her friends. Penny is a beautiful girl cheering the boys singing rock. And like many other girls, they are passionate about the music, they are willing to dedicate all . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Almost Famous torrent reviews

Joel C (ca) wrote: Don't watch this boring piece of shit, it will bore you to tears, there are no scares, no surprises, NOTHING NOTHING AT ALL.

JAMES B (us) wrote: Worded ending ever !!

intuciic (it) wrote: somehow strange movie, full of pain and eventhough life might send huge examinations people can find strength in themselves to carry on and start from beginning.

Justin N (ca) wrote: Watching Morgan Spurlock examine a topic like terrorism with the same light-hearted and cheesy humor he used in "Super Size Me" was at times nice, and other times cringe-inducing. While it ends way too tidily, the conversations between himself and many of those from supposed terrorist countries are a great way of returning some humanity to the image of people repeatedly pegged with negative stereotypes in the US. Perhaps the best part about the film is that Spurlock's wife is pregnant back in the US while he travels around, giving him a soon-to-be-parent's perspective on the people he is meeting -- particularly the children.That stuff is great, and comprises the majority of the film. On the other hand, he chuckles while firing rocket launchers and guns with soldiers, and his mission to find Osama bin Laden is obviously screwed right from the beginning. Not entirely satisfying, but I'm glad this film exists.

Annie C (nl) wrote: "You all may have different problems. But it is the same problem. You got to figure out what you want." ????????????

Glen S (es) wrote: Six gay men are getting married at the "first" national gay wedding. Add five mothers and one father and stir. A little clumsy here and there, but still a lot of fun. Pressure can bring out the worst in us and/or the best. If they dubb this in English, I'll give it an extra half star, I hate having to read a movie.

Aleria H (it) wrote: I really enjoyed hlthis movie :)

Zachary T (au) wrote: its a good movie...if you like to read subtitles

Matt O (nl) wrote: Yeah... I'll pass on III.

Scott C (br) wrote: I've never seen Harvey Keitel this good before. The story is a tad formulaic but Keitel sells it and does an awesome Elvis performance to boot!

Sam M (jp) wrote: I want to see this as soon as I finish the book; which I checked out of the library today. If there's anybody out there who has commentary on this movie, I'm all ears.

Tim H (de) wrote: Muddled and weak, this poor excuse for a film shows Selleck is likable onscreen and that he just needs a better script.

Hillary M (ag) wrote: "Mr. Skeffington has come home."

Steven P (fr) wrote: I liked it...and Jessica Alba