Almost Heroes

Almost Heroes

Two hapless explorers lead an ill-fated 1804 expedition through the Pacific Northwest in a hopeless, doomed effort to reach the Pacific Ocean before Lewis and Clark.

Edwards is a glory-seeking fop who's out of his league, Hunt is a slovenly, clumsy tracker with a soft spot for toilet humor. Together they set forth against nature across the country on a journey to the Pacific Ocean against rivals Lewis and Clark. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott C (ag) wrote: A terribly cheesy thriller without an original bone in its body.

Rohan D (nl) wrote: A superb entertaining thriller.Not much brain to be used here,just sit back n enjoy the show!

Jared M (ag) wrote: I found this film to be hauntingly subtle and quietly creepy. The title ironically exemplifies a feeling of hope that is nowhere to be found in the film itself. Instead the story is told at almost a mind-numbingly unassuming pace even as it examines the malevolent and even murderous nature of its characters.

Ramey E (ca) wrote: One of the greatest international films i have seen. I accidentally stumbled across it on Youtube. Coming from France this movie revolves around a French/Moroccan father that plans to go to Mecca for Muslim pilgrimage, yet his means by going there is by car, yet he cannot drive so he requests his son drive him over 3,000 miles from France to Saudi Arabia in an epic voyage full of meaning, thought and challenging moments between two clearly different generations and ideaologies. The Son Reda is not a practicing Muslim and he at first hates the idea of driving to Mecca with his father, yet he does it out of obligation as his father wants pilgrimage before he dies. Watch them as they travel through France, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Arabia. In between these numerous stops in many lands it is an adventure, you get to meet some interesting characters, take sight in a few gorgeous cinematic moments across Europe and watch the development between two very different minds, only related by blood. The father and son are both very stubborn and clash in many moments, the father is devout and religious, whilst the son wishes he could be back in France with his non Muslim girlfriend Lisa. They engage in few bits of dialogue and there are a few generally funny moments in the film that gives it a great mix of flavour. Towards the end as they reach Saudi Arabia, this is where you get a remarkable glimpse of the sight of Mecca and the vast hugeness of its importance to Islam. Many scenes transcend you to the streets of Mecca, so close you even feel the claustrophobic moments the son Reda endures. There are many lessons revealed in this wonderful film which includes dialogue mainly in French and Arabic (With English Subs). The main lesson is learnt between the father and the son, how sometimes they work together so well, and others they appear as enemies. There are other lessons too and it gives a good realistic insight into the realities of the Islamic faith without any crazy stereotypes. The ending is one that really plays with the heart and its a film that will want to make you closer to all people you have a rough patch with, in particular family and close friends, it is a film that encourages understanding and displays two very different worlds and minds beautifully, i reccomend this film for its great majesty and unique contribution to International film, it is underlooked despite its award winning status, watch this today!

Jennifer H (ca) wrote: Pretty much nobody has seen this musical. And I think I know why. It's hard to watch a movie when Jeanette MacDonald is in the arms of a man besides Nelson Eddy but watch it I did. And I will say it and say it again, " This musical touched my heart and left me wanting to see it again." Sure it's not Nelson Eddy. But Allen Jones is cool too. This is the ONLY movie I've seen with the man so I don't have a lot of proof when it comes to his coolness meter. Allen Jones was ever so much the hero in my eyes at the end of the film and I am very picky about my heroes.The story was very badly filmed. Boosting Jeanette's singing rep might have been the reason why the story happens at the end of the film- because the first of the film is all singing. The songs make up for that though. The Donkey Serenade. Never expected such a bouncy, un-operatic song to me in a Jeanette MacDonald film. Of course, Jones was the one singing it. The romance number Jones sings to MacDonald near the middle of the film (it's the one in the garden, it's name escapes me), was beautiful. If I enjoyed Opera, I would never mind if a lover sang that song to me. And what intrigue! Jeanette MacDonald, a spy. That doesn't happen everyday. An inspiring story that I wish everyone knew about.

Maxwell D (nl) wrote: I was initially intrigued by the description of this movie, not realizing that the description was about half as long as the script. Not enough hot gay sex to be pornographic and not enough story to be an entertainment, this is basically the story about a trash collector who fucks anything that moves and acts like a dog. If that sounds appealing to you, go for it. I found it the cinematic equivalent of watching paint dry. I will say this, the film has some pretty good cinematography, for what that's worth.

Genevieve M (de) wrote: I just got done watching dis moving n it left mte crying . Its a good movie .

Dan H (ca) wrote: Not a kids film. It's ultra-dark, ultra-bleak, depressing and a real downer. The animation is beautiful, and the story is fairly great but it's hard not to let the overall bleakness of the film get you down or even anger you after a while.

Jill R (mx) wrote: Bangkok dangerous is a pretty mediocre movie. I love Nic Cage but he just needs to pick better movies this is not some of his finest work. For a while I was thinking this could be one of my guilty pleasures but I just lost interest towards the end. I wanted to like this but I couldn't. Overall while not the disaster some people claim this movie still isn't good at all and it's not worth your time. Grade C

Surajit Kumar M (kr) wrote: Nice young love story. The guy and gal bother are cute and make a lovely pair on screen. Totally watchable.

Tessa V (nl) wrote: So so sweet but the ending was a bit unsatifying in my opinion. I would've liked more answers about the previous borrowers, why Haru hated them so much and what happens to Sho