Almost Ordinary Story

Almost Ordinary Story

A look at the romantic relationship of a young couple that is shook when his old flame shows up.

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Iuri S (mx) wrote: The musical version of "Hugo".

Steven W (ag) wrote: Easily one of the best comic book movies ever made. They did a great job with one of the most tragic events in comic history. So much love for both of these films. Too bad Andrew Garfield didn't get a third film.

Bruce S (fr) wrote: Richard Gere turned in his man-card on this one. I was done after twenty minutes.

Ethan L (ag) wrote: Awesome, best fantasy love story I've watched

sean m (jp) wrote: shockingly bad, think i chuckled once during the whole film and it was a minor one at that avoid this film at all costs

Jeremy R (de) wrote: can't people tell that these probably suck just by looking at the cover?!you don't have to be a rocket scientist.

Kenneth M (jp) wrote: Definitivt en av de sterkeste norskproduserte filmene jeg har sett (sammen med Reprise og Hamsun og Insomnia og The Beautiful Country). Skotske Kaisa--advokat og coke head--m drasse med seg den forfyllede norske faren sin (Stellan Skarsgrd) til Aberdeen, fr moren dr av kreft. Rrende og til tider mrkt drama av Hans Petter Moland. Kaisas skalte mangel p sjarm, er utrolig sjarmerende.

Ed (ca) wrote: my uncle. im in this movie as a kid

SV G (ca) wrote: Play by David Marnet (who I like) starring Dustin Hoffman and Dennis Franz (both whom I like) but ...really didn't like this movie. There is no real back-story to the two lead characters (and this is a character driven film) so it's very hard to get a handle on why they are who and like they are. Most of the film is straight back and forth confrontation between Hoffman and Franz who are planning a robbery. The thrid character in the film is played by a young boy (Sean Nelson) who hangs around the Pawn Shop that Franz runs. Hoffmans very intense banter going on and and on (and onnnn) was annoying at best.

Kyle C (ca) wrote: Jeff Bridges gives an understated performance but with it's story of coming of age and maturing as well as the thrilling squall storm itself at the end it makes it a thrilling experience.

Ryan H (br) wrote: This film isn't terrible. I'm glad I got to see my first Bakshi. The images are really cool and it definitely has a unique style. The surrealism in the trippy scenes are quite fun. But at 100 minutes it's too long. Cut out about 30 minutes and I probably would have enjoyed it much more. And the comedy isn't as funny as it seems like it tries to be. There are two stories in the film. The first being live action about two guys in prison who have just escaped and are waiting to be picked up. The second story is a story told by the old man (Scatman Crothers) that has escaped. It's all about three black brothers who go to Harlem and seek to rid the white people and make it their territory. Miss America steps in every once in a while, tempting black men with her big tits and blonde hair but then destroying them in the end. Brother Rabbit is the main guy who seeks out to kill the white men with the help of Brother Bear. Preacher Fox seems to just be around because he wants in on the plan but doesn't have much to offer. There are crazy scenes such as Brother Bear getting "married" by Brother Fox and the floor drops below him and his "wife" and they end up having sex. There's the scene where one of the black men walk up to Miss America with a gun and she says he wins, but when he moves towards her crotch she shoots bullets from her vagina (we don't see the gun or shooting, just the bullets go through him). There's the strange mob boss that has The Godfather type music playing in the background. He's fat, gross, and creepy. So are his homosexual cross-dressing sons. This part of the story is when things veered off and I wished Bakshi would have gotten back to the story about Brother Rabbit and his plan. It could have been much more brief, funnier, and just better overall. There's the great scene where the mob boss tries to kill Brother Rabbit with a few of his people, but they are actually stabbing tar that look like him and he ends up blowing them up. Of course the story ends with them in charge and the prisoners getting away. I'm glad I got the chance to see this on print. It's not necessarily good, but it could have been much worse. It gets its point across well, but forgets to be engaging at times.

William W (gb) wrote: Though this had a decent beginning with truly intriguing metaphysical ideas; a dated but fine psychedelic soundtrack; an interesting pseudo-documentary technique; complete with the requisite narration, to start things off with; decent surroundings and I liked the charm and 'Ivory Girl' beauty of the medium (played by Cynthia Cline--this seems to be her only film credit), this low-budget creeper has no momentum, and no idea in either how to build those ideas into something worthwhile, or where to go with them. The fractal graphics that are supposed to overwhelm us as no-cost special effects are horribly dated and left on-screen for way too long.I haven't seen director DeGaetano's other, later two films, but I hope they're not the snoozefests that this was. Steer clear of this with all of your might--the poster is the best thing about the movie.

keith s (it) wrote: When I heard about this, I was shocked I'd never heard of it before. I mean, a title like this you'd think it would be more talked about. Well after watching it, I now know why no one ever talks about it....

Steve W (de) wrote: American Psycho is an excellent serial killer movie. Bale gives one of his best over the top roles yet. There are times when the movie gets a little unrealistic (chainsaw, police) but its still really entertaining. The ending was a bit confusing, but it later adds a nice touch.Second Viewing: After reading the book and then re-watching the film, I must say the film is a bit lacking when it comes to certain details. I liked Bale's performance less, and the movie's only real shining moments are cohesively putting events if a less scattershot way like in the book. The movie also has a better ending.

Kenneth L (jp) wrote: Death to the NSA! secret information is power & all power corrupts absolutely.

Jos C (nl) wrote: Tipica comedia romantica para verla los domingos