An aging, recently widowed man is approached by an oil company ready to pay him for his land. While his family is in favor, the man struggles with the decision in this Horton Foote screenplay.

Widowed farmer John Webb (Hume Cronyn) has been depressed since the death of his wife Bessie. He would like to keep his yearly harvest going, but getting low on funds he has some hard decisions to make concerning his farm. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (ag) wrote: I love this movie. Before the Hunger Games, before Battle Royale, there was this movie! Schwarzenegger is at his 80's one-liner best! Still great to watch in these times, even if it is a bit dated.

Marischa B (gb) wrote: I think this would be OK for the very young kids that still like Miley Cyrus but for anyone older I think this is a waste of time. Miley Cyrus is not a good actress, plain and simple. She can get away with Hannah Montana but continuing to act like so is not going to work in her favor.It was hard to sit through the movie for me and I highly advise anyone to steer clear as well. It's a very cheesy movie, not like a good B movie or a good comedy movie...not even a teen movie like in the 80's. I'm not sure how to classify this as it doesn't live up to expectations for any of the categories.

Jonathan C (jp) wrote: Samuel L. Jackson is his classic Sammy L, but that's not enough to save this intentionally terrible movie. It's no secret it's supposed to be over the top bad, but it is REALLY REALLY awful.

Shawn M (mx) wrote: Great premise! Laughable delivery.

Rebecca W (gb) wrote: Stupid funny, never even heard if it. Ran across it on Showtime late night!!

Roy A (jp) wrote: Interesting movie, see Robert De Niro play a totally different character than what you're used to. Seeing Uma Thurman in one of her first roles. I like this movie, It has a bunch of great actors and a lot of recognizable faces in this. Not your usual comedy flick an unique picture and storyline. The love scene in this was realistic, and very well acted. There is so much more for this picture which in my opinion is very under rated.

David F (us) wrote: Sweet Heidi sequel sends the alpine heroine to boarding school in Italy. A fish out of water story that turns into a grand adventure as the outbreak of war shuts down the school, this features great performances from Juliette Caton as Heidi and Leslie Caron as the headmistress of Brookings Academy. Charlie Sheen is miscast as Peter - he's just too old and too American.

Liang Q (ca) wrote: Meh, mediocre at best though Marry Steenburgen was inspiring as ever. Not so into the stagy performances and dialogues.

Tony B (fr) wrote: Critics take themselves too seriously. This is a Cult classic, a silly film. It is not Gone with the Wind but a glimpse at the 60s satire. Its jusdplain fun and harmless. I like the film,

Adele B (it) wrote: Not into old movies.

Melissa H (ru) wrote: Not good, but not bad. The piece in which Eleanor dances with the dog was great!

Justin S (it) wrote: Bad casting, nerd from avp and fat black bitch from alligeant. If everyone is starving, why is she so fucking fat. Cool to see different rails, ends with him realizing everything was orchestrated to eliminate the population

Plain C (br) wrote: great looking film, A bit too long for what actually happens. The gore is nuts mortal kombat shit. I felt it was awestern the hills have eye sorta thing. not bad but not good. meh