Alone on the Pacific

Alone on the Pacific

Kenichi Horie is determined to challenge his family, the law and the nature crossing the Pacific to America in a small sailboat. Despite his careful planning many unforeseen events will test his determination.

Kenichi Horie is determined to challenge his family, the law and the nature crossing the Pacific to America in a small sailboat. Despite his careful planning many unforeseen events will test his determination. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luisa M (au) wrote: La musa di Assayas colpisce ancora.

Jason K (nl) wrote: Ryoo Seung-Wan delvers once again with insane fight scenes and full contact/non wire choreography, only to be hindered by a hard to follow excess of characters whose names sound alike.

Karla I (jp) wrote: this movie is retaarted but awesome !!! <3

CHENERY W (nl) wrote: great unprecedented performance by John Travolta. .Wow Selma Hayek as a crazy killerJared Leto as Con-man turned into her co-conspirator. .with the great James Gandolfini and Sean Caan supporting this cast This is a good movie, why it didn't get more support I will never know?

Max L (kr) wrote: It's shocking, at least very confusing, to see this extremely romanticized movie with a very realismic author in the title.

Wrik S (us) wrote: Excellent... what more do you want?? I love the age of the character of Al Pacino, and its my favourite. The master has done is work the way he normally does, which is brilliant and the the other characters werent too bad either.... overall pretty good watch for the serious minded who are looking for something serious.

Ann L (ru) wrote: NOVOCAINE Highly entertaining and inventive. A very humorous movie. Intelligent but not without its share of clever pratfalls and gags. Strange and ingenious plot in which a host of shady characters is pitted against one another in a dark comedy suspense thriller with noir elements and romance. Steve Martin was very funny as nave, unsuspecting though far from innocent Dr. Frank Sangster, head of a lucrative dental practice, who finds himself at the center of a murder mystery. He is being framed for a series of crimes which he did not commit and must find the real perpetrator(s) asap to satisfy the authorities who are convinced that all the evidence points only to him and are hot on his trail. Great supporting cast. I found Helena Bonham Carter very convincing in the role of a youngish, trashy but sweet prostitute. Laura Dern was also credible playing Dr. Sangster?s tough-minded fiancee who was also his chief dental assistant. Kevin Bacon was very good. Unpredictable finale resolves all questions in a rather silly but somehow appropriate wrap up.

Scottie T (jp) wrote: Sexy Beast! Sexy Beast had me excited to watch this movie, with the plot, the oscar nomination from Ben Kingsley's performance and the fact that it was Jonathan Glazer's directorial debut. He directed under the skin which is one of my favourite movies which is why i was excited for sexy beast considering all the great reviews, back to Sexy Beast. This film was a tremendous disapointment and i couldn't believe how boring and stupid the writing of this movie was. This movie was literally nothing but a bunch of brits swearing ( which i do constantly myself ) and a hideous climax and also some very, very poor and confusing visual metaphors thrown in the movie, including a horrible ending that also has somthing to do with the poor metaphor that is thrown in your face when watching this film, knowing that it isn't an art film, and making the tone feel very, very unconsistant. Yes Ben Kingsley did a good job in this movie. he never once in this movie made me believe that this performance was oscar worthy. i could bareley even comprehend what he was saying half the time with his silly british accent and rediculous outbursts. This movie was a peice of shit. I did enjoy the intro to this movie though forsure, also i really enjoyed the lead in this film, he was very good and was by far the only good character in this movie. Oh and just one more thing... this movie was less than 90 minutes, and it felt like it was 120. thats pretty bad. that's a problem, that's the fucking problem you cunt! Don't watch this shitty fucking movie.

Christophe M (fr) wrote: Slasher dj vieux de 10 ans avec la regrette Brittany Murphy aux joues bien rondes, c'est plutt sympa avec une histoire somme toute basique mais, pas tant que a. Un tueur s'attaque principalement aux lycens du patelin Cherry Falls, ce qui aura des consquences inattendues sur la jeune population de cette petite ville. En effet, pour disparatre du radar du tueur, une fte orgiaque est organise afin qu'ils perdent tous leur virginit en une soire. Une histoire a priori prvisible mais qui rserve une surprise assez marrante, et prise avec autant d'humour par des jeunes dans le film (un des mecs aimerait que le prochain tueur s'en prenne aux filles qui n'ont jamais fait de pipe !!!). Dommage que le tout soit emball comme un mauvais tlfilm et que l'enqute mene par Murphy ou son sheriff de pre soit expdie, de mme que la rvlation du tueur, balance comme si y'avait rien d'autre foutre. Parce que ce slasher se regarde facilement et en plus on a le grand Michael Biehn !! A voir, ne serait-ce que pour contempler une Brittany Murphy encore "innocente", bien avant que ses dmons intrieurs ne nous l'enlvent pour toujours !

Jeremiah C (ag) wrote: I find this very "unentertaining" and "stupid".

Paul N (us) wrote: Boasts evocative tropical milieu and Doyle's dusky, relentless, gorgeous camerawork, which unfortunately only masks dull characters and mopey melodrama.

Erik G (kr) wrote: This would make a great double bill with Truffaut's next film, The Green Room. Both are about haunted men; one by death, the other by sex. Truffaut cuts Bertrand a little too much slack. The scene in which the editor defends Bertrand and his book (and thus implicitly, the movie) is a bit too on the nose. Thinking about this just after seeing this, it is about "know thyself," but with a character, "the ladies' man," whom we usually expect to have no inner life at all.

Mohammed A (us) wrote: It's good movie to watch