Alone with a Stranger

Alone with a Stranger

Max never had the good things in life. A life of crime was his only legacy. So when he discovers an unknown brother, to whom fortune has granted all that is missing in Max's life, he decides to do anything to get what should have been his theft, kidnapping, murder, anything! Now all Max wants is his brother's money, his power and especially his beautiful wife!

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Max never had the good things in life. A life of crime was his only legacy. So when he discovers an unknown brother... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Alone with a Stranger torrent reviews

Josh R (nl) wrote: I found myself eager to see what Mavis would do next, to win the guy over who is happily married. Charlize Theron plays this character perfectly. There's not one moment in here where she tries to change and become a better person and I totally appreciate that.Grade: B+

Pedro C (br) wrote: What is truly interesting about this movie adaptation is the fact that director Anh Hung Tran aims at making the characters as young as their age, regardless of what they go through and act like (or /don't act/ like). The cinematography is so stunningly beautiful that I hope prizes were received by the team. The cinematography + soundtrack work creates moments never to be forgotten, not to mention the cameras play. It all looks very different from Anh Hung Tran's The Vertical Ray of the Sun that I remember having watched some ten years ago: now it's less experimental and very serious, almost contemporary German cinema-like. But then there comes light. Shadowplays. All sorts of delight. :) Now talking about the screenplay adaptation itself, well, it feels very very different from the book's pace, but that's exactly what I believe to be interesting about it. Why should someone try and mirror a book? Sometimes it's great - most of them, it's disappointing. Not in this one. Anh Hung Tran position characters like pins on a board and, just by doing this, you understand what's going on. Who's "using" who? - which, btw, seems to be the layer of meaning he's most concerned about putting on this beautiful haunting story.It looks like one of those movies that a viewer who hadn't read the book will feel very lost. Not like in a "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" level (hahaha), but maybe something that a culture & habits veil makes hard to perceive broadly. But who isn't lost in this, I wonder.

JC G (ag) wrote: Brilliant use of time and silence to build tension, a minimalist obscure horror/slasher-like film that's surely one of J-horror's finest. A low budget surely makes way for some interesting innovative techniques! It caused a pathetic line of not-so-worthy sequels that are still climbing numbers to this day (almost 10 years later) but the original still stands as a powerful simple beginning.

Rahul R (kr) wrote: Most Beautiful movie

Kurt A (au) wrote: Wait, this movie is about what? A kid who has all of the hair "frightened" off of his head? So he then concocts a peanut butter solution with the help of some supernatural friends to restore his flowing locks? Crazy sauce! What's that? That's not even 50% of the weirdness in this film? Free toy inside? I can watch the Super Mario Bros. Super Show on Netflix? Gary Busey used to be less crazy? $29 or 2 for $50? A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush? Sammy Davis Jr. once danced at your elementary school? BLAH! TOO MUCH CRAZY IN MY HEAD! SOMEONE TURN OFF THE CRAZY SPIGOT! (Deep breaths) Ok, ok. I'm feeling better now.Ah yes, The Peanut Butter Solution. A movie I've wanted to see ever since a friend of mine told me of it's existence some 5 years ago. Little did I realize just how unflappably scrumtrulescent the plot would be. If you gave me a bag full of mixed illicit substances and 9 hours in a car riding shotgun with Carlos Beltran on my way to the Kennedy Space Center where I'm slated for a six day jaunt to the International Space Station I STILL WOULD NEVER HAVE GUESSED THE PLOT OF THIS MOVIE! You might as well try to predict where the Black Fortress will appear. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE! Even if you did find it you'd need fire mares to even reach it!What am I trying to say? THIS MOVIE IS INCREDIBLE. It's like someone stole awesome from the most interesting man in the world while he was drinking Dos Equis and turned it into a movie. Why am I convinced of this? It has Colonel Saul Tigh (Michael Hogan II) from Battlestar Galactica as Billy, an expressionist painter and father of the Michael the protagonist. It also features the first songs even recorded by Cline Dion in English! Throw in a hilarious kid who loves grapes and doesn't give a damn about the abduction of his sister and you end up with an epic convergence of allegory storytelling so unique that it simply has no equal.Here are some of my favorite quotes from The Peanut Butter Solution.Connie - "I'm just hav'n some of these delicious grapes if that's ok with you."The Dr. - "Great balls of fire. There's not a whisker left!"Michael Hogan - "I've heard pregnant women get a craving for earth sometimes."Here are some things that I learned from watching this movie.1. Writer / director Michael Rubbo is the man.2. Cats can cause hair loss.3. BE VERY CAREFUL WHERE YOU APPLY MAGIC HAIR GROWTH SOLUTIONS!4. If you want to track someone you should stowaway in the back of their vehicle and pour sugar out a funnel until they reach their destination.5. Having long hair means you can't attend school.6. There is such a thing as an invisible string detector.7. French art teachers can be both amazingly, and creatively demented.8. If you ever go bald don't wear a wig to your soccer game.9. There is such a thing as being a Chia people.10. Ghosts only make noise when you're looking at them.Would I recommend watching this movie? Undoubtedly, in a moment, without any hesitation.

Jamie K (es) wrote: They should not make stuff like this...

Michael T (us) wrote: The worm turns; it is one of the more common plot devices in horror fiction. Clint Howard in the first of many weirdo roles in genre pictures plays a put-upon military school welfare case who suffers abuse from his classmates and instructors. After finding occult tomes in a secret chamber beneath the academy's chapel, Howard uses his state-of-the-art Apple computer to translate the tomes and discovers the secrets of a Satan-worshiping Father Esteban who fled the Inquisition to the New World (California). Esteban is played by Richard Moll; before Night Court Moll played tall, daunting villains in genre films. What can you say, a whacked-out Clint Howard, vintage Apple computer technology from 1982, Satanic pig attacks (don't ask), What's Happening's Heywood Nelson as Howard's only friend and the only Black guy named "Kowalawski." If you like 1980s horror flicks, its worth a look and is available on Blu-Ray thanks to the Shout Factory's Scream Factory.

John W (au) wrote: The film that made stars of Isabelle Huppert and Gerard Depardieu. It's a worthy film but its characters are not very likeable and in a film where not very much happens at all, that leaves only Huppert's considerable physical charm as an incentive to keep watching. Worth seeing once.

Chetan B (ag) wrote: Never had I seen such a beautiful movie with the best things in everything - story, screeplay, acting, music and narration! Brings tears to my eyes everytime I watch it....

Miss B (ca) wrote: Could it have inspired WEG's latest album title?

Luke A (it) wrote: 20% Sleek 30% Gritty and 50% Garbage

Julien E (kr) wrote: Long... ennuyant... il se passe rien, on peut pas tellement appeler a un film d'horreur non plus.

David M (us) wrote: If you love Woody Allen, you will love this film. Superb, clever script as ever. A lot have people just don't get it!

Reetuparna D (au) wrote: The ending sort of spoiled it for me..

Jireh A (ca) wrote: Truly the best epic ride of the century.

Lisandro Z (br) wrote: Pretty freaking funny!