Along Came a Nanny

Along Came a Nanny

Hoping to catch a burglar, a cop (Cameron Mathison) goes under cover as a nanny in an upscale community. As he looks for leads, he becomes involved with a high-maintenance family and a pretty caregiver (Sarah Lancaster) nearby.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Detective Mike Logan takes on a special undercover assignment as a nanny when a quiet, upscale neighborhood is turned upside down by a string of robberies. When the mystery begins to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lukas T (ca) wrote: This movie was awesome wicked great and I would love to see it again

Carlos M (gb) wrote: A decent yet unmemorable biopic that has Michelle Williams doing a good job even though she doesn't resemble the real Marilyn at all (not even her tone of voice) - not to mention, of course, that this is a role that should be played by an actress with a greater sex appeal.

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Lisa C (nl) wrote: This movie was AWESOME!

Ross B (ag) wrote: Very disappointing sequel. The film is let down mainly due to the generally poor acting, rubbish dialogue and mediocre special effects. It is good though to see Casper Van Dien reprising his role from the first movie and is pretty much the only decent actor in the film. Some of the action is fun too but there just isn't anywhere near enough to match the excitement of the first Starship Troopers. The finale is hyped up a little to much and is way to short and considering the "Marauder" technology is the sub-title for the movie I expected to see alot more of them.

ClaRita C (ag) wrote: Well, I found the music parts a bit silly to be frank. I can't see Jennifer Hudson with better vocals than Beyonce even if I was on drugs! I'm not sure wtf is this casting? Hudson can go scream all she wants, pretending she's doing high notes and reaching sensitive keys, she still just sounds loud that is, just like Christina Aguilera with her constant yelling. The story is pretty disappointing and hard to believe even in the world of movies. I just liked the clothes and dancing, and of course Queen B.

bill s (au) wrote: Just an all over the place plot....I hate when good actors do this bad of a movie.

Kevin B (gb) wrote: I never read the comic (hangs head in shame) but the movie was okish

Jay W (it) wrote: Great movie. I love to watch movies about True Love.

Scarlett O (de) wrote: FANTASTIC EPIC SHIT SCENE!! :D

Dawn R (au) wrote: This was a fascinating film and it stretched the talents of all three actors.

Kym c my community profile R (es) wrote: I?ve seen it before (a lot) when I was a kid. I think this was one of my fave movies but now.. no idea why. Maybe just in the way of getting back everyone for whatever reason/ways. C

Eric C (it) wrote: Intriguing film, which caught my eye in the early morings of the day. Even with how tired I was(I hadn't slept yet)this film got my attention and forced me to stay awake. The film is told through the memories of Farrah Fawcett's character, while she is in jail and talking with her lawyer. I love Lifetime flicks and this plays out like one of them, very dramtic, with a sense of danger behind every arguement. The performances by the vast is amazing, they really know how to get you worried and heated at the same time. To watch a film where as man is beating on a woman gets my blood boiled, but its a harsh reality in which some of these women(and even some men)live in and we need to be aware of it and do something. In this case the battered gets her revenge and is now being tried for the man's death. Its funny how a woman can look for help and never get it, but when she takes matters in her own hands, she gets in trouble. This film isn't on very much, so if you can get it on DVD, you will not regret it. 4 out of 5 stars.

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Justin B (fr) wrote: Beautiful if undemanding family film. It's basically just Free Willy with a dolphin but it works for what it is.

Perrine B (mx) wrote: Larry est un homme dans la quarantaine qui perd son emploi aprs des annes de bons et loyaux services. Pour pouvoir retrouver un travail et payer son hypothque, il dcide de s'duquer en prenant des cours au community college le plus proche de chez lui. L, il deviendra membre d'un gang sympa de conducteurs de mobylette, et tombera sous le charme de sa prof d'expression orale. Disons-le d'une traite, Tom Hanks est bien meilleur acteur que ralisateur. Voici qu'il nous propose un film certes inoffensif mais tellement cucul que a en devient risible. C'est dgoulinant de bons sentiments. Holl comme tout le monde est gentil. Quand tu fais le college, tu te fais de suite des potes jeunes et branchs, tu apprends duper une banque grce un cours d'conomie de base, on te resape, recoiffe, et rorganise ta maison, la belle prof est fan de toi, tu es super dou mme si tu n'as jamais tudi quoi que ce soit aprs la high school... Waow. C'est beau de voir le monde comme cela mais c'est beaucoup, beaucoup trop naf. Le tout est alourdi par la chanson finale I'm in America ... donc les USA c'est ce magnifique pays o tout le monde il est super gentil !

Sam W (gb) wrote: Holy cow, whatta film. A picture hasn't made me laugh, and think like this in years.