Alpenglühn im Dirndlrock

Alpenglühn im Dirndlrock


A comedy directed by Sigi "Götz" Rothemund. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Alpenglühn im Dirndlrock torrent reviews

Rafael S (it) wrote: bem fraquinho, decepcionante

Pranav K (ca) wrote: The movie has a nice, fresh cast alongside the wonderful Tabu. The first half was really nice as it nicely developed the characters, illustrated the setting, and depicted the small-town culture. There were a few really nice scenes too, like the explanation of a solar and lunar eclipse. However, the quality of the script took a nosedive in the second half and turned into an age-old Hindi film.

Sarah P (ag) wrote: This movie is pathetic, not only does it completely change the very nature of anne, But it even has the nerve to steal plot points from other stories and claim them as there own.For instance when Anne goes to live at the poor house the punishment scenes are copycats of Jane Eyre. The standing Anne on the stool and forbidding others to have any contact with her, the cutting of her hair claiming that her hair is the root of the rebellion in her, even the death of a friend in the asylum.This movie is not even worth watching. Watch the movies that they stole from instead.

Brandon T (kr) wrote: A movie that's underrated but worth a watch

Sergiox V (au) wrote: Si realizar un live action de Rocky y Bullwinkle fue un fiasco, Underdog( Supercan) es mil veces peor..... y eso que la serie animada ni era la gran cosa

Matt C (ag) wrote: I imagine you either love this film and the complex technical discussion of the space, time and physics narrative or you're completely lost and bored. Sadly I was in the latter category.

Dan W (ru) wrote: It would be pretty clever if you press the stop key shortly after the scene with the pigs. The less you know about the setup, the better, especially if you actually think its a documentary.

Caroline C (kr) wrote: Never seen it but would give it a go

Warren S (au) wrote: Very hit-and-miss in terms of acting, writing, cinematography, and special effects; occasionally quite clever, mostly bland. But the adult-birthing scene was magnificent, making the Chestburster from "Alien" look tame by comparison.

Pascal T (de) wrote: Another brilliant addition to the Female Scorpion series.

David S (br) wrote: The feel-good movie of 2012, David O. Russell directs a stellar movie focusing on 2 people trying to overcome their mental issues. Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, and especially Robert DeNiro we're so good. The chemistry between Cooper and Lawrence has been seen on several occasions, this being the best. I absolutely loved the portrayal of Cooper's dad by DeNiro. He's the father who wishes he did more for his son instead of focusing on one child. Jacki Weaver also did an excellent job. I also really liked the few scenes with Chris Tucker. The writing in this film is so good as well and only makes it better with the jobs this cast provided. I'm not sure if this deserved as many awards as it was nominated for, but Silver Linings Playbook is great.

Kevin R (us) wrote: Accidents happen.The woods around a small logging, hunting, and fishing town becomes haunted and animals around the town start disappearing...everything from dogs to horses. The local sheriff, who recently suffered a tragedy that he and his ex-wife have to overcome, does his best to solve the crime and protect his son, family, and friends."They've never heard of an animal that can walk that far on their hind legs."Jack Heller, director of Enter Nowhere, delivers Dark was the Night in his second major motion picture. The storyline for this has some unique qualities but the special effects were poor and the menace could have been better done. I enjoyed the sub plots and the cast delivers solid performances and includes Kevin Durand, Lukas Haas, Steve Agee, and Billy Paterson."Now can I hit him?""I'm still deciding."This was recently added to Netflix and I instantly added it to the queue. There were aspects of this that I enjoyed and I really enjoyed the father/main character in this film. This isn't a complete waste of time, but I wouldn't go too out of my way to see it either."I think we're thinking about this the wrong way."Grade: C