An American private-eye, arrives in Alphaville, a futuristic city on another planet which is ruled by an evil scientist named Von Braun, who has outlawed love and self-expression.

A U.S. secret agent is sent to the distant space city of Alphaville where he must find a missing person and free the city from its tyrannical ruler. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian B (it) wrote: As a life-long Phantasm fan, this is an extremely depressing review to write. Like all fans of the franchise, I was surprised and excited when a new sequel was finally announced (it's been 18 years since the last one), but I was a little skeptical when it was revealed series creator Don Coscarelli wouldn't be returning to direct. I kept my expectations in check after the somewhat disappointing fourth entry, but I never saw this train wreck coming. Ravager is a cheap looking, horribly written and directed mess with some of the worst effects I've ever laid eyes on. This feels more like a fan-made film, shot over the weekend on someone's iPhone, rather than a true Coscarelli sequel. The only highlight the film has to offer is seeing the original cast back. Unfortunately, even they don't have much to do this time around, except Reggie Bannister, who's become the driving force behind these movies. It was bittersweet seeing Angus Scrimm play the Tall Man one last time, and his few brief scenes are really the only reason to watch this mess of a sequel. I know the Phantasm films have traditionally not made much sense, but it's like they weren't even trying this time. Since this is probably the last Phantasm flick we'll ever see, it's extremely frustrating that it doesn't even attempt to answer any of the series' long-lingering questions. It's a shame such a fun and original franchise had to go out on this sour note. The fans, and these characters, deserved better.

Carlos I (jp) wrote: Not as completely horrible as I thought, but nothing special at all. Average stalk and slash monster b-movie. I can get why they made the leprechaun just a monster, and have him be more like a mythical creature, but the design of him was horrible. and it took the fun all out of these movies.

Ben M (mx) wrote: One of the frattest, most Merican movies ever. Movie is a parody full of FDR getting into some bro ass shit.

John Joseph M (ca) wrote: Mix Texas Chainsaw with League of Gentlemen and ramp up the gore. That's Inbred!

Campbell (ag) wrote: Craaap! boring and poorly acted

Jawadrami P (au) wrote: Add a Review (Optional)

David N (nl) wrote: Should be ashamed to call themselves actors.

Cedric L (ru) wrote: Underrated movie that may be hard to watch but relevant.

Adam R (ag) wrote: (First and only viewing - 4/29/2011)

Natsuki O (nl) wrote: I didn't know that Vin was the producer of this movie. He's so cool.

Kyle O (jp) wrote: Saw it as a kid and hated it. I ain't going to sit through it again.

Janson J (br) wrote: Big Ball of Batshit Bela Fun! Of course, it isn't a very good movie. It is considerably more entertaining than, say "Paranormal Activity" or any of the "Saw" films, which are respectively ignorant and depressing. This is ENLIGHTENED and Soul-Fluffing. Hunted and despised by hypocrites and Philistines, Bela Lugosi gets something of a revenge here, at least in his own mind. A fevered, syphilitic mind, but a far more inspired mind than all the Eli Roths in the world combined. Libations, smart friends, popcorn - Sky Full of Smoke!

Ingrid G (jp) wrote: Horrible movie! Half stock footage and stereotypes of people who live on islands, half stupid story about a guy who was lost and the sailors who went looking for him not hoping they'd find him because one of them wants to marry his wife. The film looks like a travel video in some parts even! Don't spend your time watching this unless you want to take some of the stock footage to use in your own film or something.

Sean M (au) wrote: I'm a big fan of Lindsay Anderson's work and enjoyed this gritty, northern drama.

Steve W (fr) wrote: Trying to get away for a weekend and focus on their relationship, Carl (Sam Huntington) takes his wife Sue (Meaghan Rath) to a mountain lodge for some skiing and wine tasting. Unfortunately for Carl, upon arrival, he discovers that his ex-girlfriend Robyn (Emmanuelle Chriqui)-who he used to bring quite often to the same lodge back in the day-is now the owner of the lodge. Wackiness ensues as Carl tries to keep as much of his previous relationship hidden from his wife as possible. Though the acting is of high quality-both Huntington and Rath are regulars on Being Human, though Huntington will always be Jam from Detroit Rock City to me-the editing for Three Night Stand is so unsightly and choppy that it became a constant distraction throughout the film. The worst scene involves Carl and Robyn walking through the woods with their skis, then suddenly they pull up on a snowmobile, which they dismount and find themselves back with the skis as another character approaches them on the same snowmobile they had just been on-the editing is unpleasant to say the least. A tip of the hat to Huntington, Chriqui and Rath-and to Jonathan Cherry, who steals many a scene as the husband of Carl's best friend/co-worker Stacey-but between the egregious editing and the overall weak plot line, Three Night Stand is sadly insufficient.