Als Je Verliefd Wordt

Als Je Verliefd Wordt

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Als Je Verliefd Wordt torrent reviews

Teddy L (nl) wrote: Okay concept, but very predictable with mediocre acting. Plus the concept of the world running out of gas and causing an apocalypse is kind of far fetched.

Monica B (ag) wrote: I haven't seen the movie, but the Richard Armitage that is in this movie is the former US deputy secretary of the State Department, not the British actor.

Yash B (es) wrote: It's the weakest of the three but it is still a fun movie. A good start to a preposterous action franchise. It's not really good if you're looking for plausibility but if you enjoy over the top Bollywood, you'll find enjoyment here.

coolteddy f (fr) wrote: i saw this movie 4 times i like the idea of this film after seeing this film im wating 4 my dream girl who is somewhere on this planet and also plannning some dream 4 me who knowsssss.............

Emily H (gb) wrote: Pretty good, sad ending, but still a good film.

dan u (au) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. Loved both Katharine and Henry in the movie. LEGENDS.

Tim S (ag) wrote: While The Man From Planet X seems to be nothing more than a cheap B movie from the 50's sci-fi craze, it winds up being better than many of its counterparts. First things first on this one: it's a no budget movie, and the filmmakers were given only a week to complete it. With that amount of time and little to no money, you would expect them to produce something along the lines of Plan 9 From Outer Space. As it turns out, they did the best they could with what little they had. The characters and the plot are all set up fairly well and the plot itself is a bit intriguing, which is saying a lot. It's not the most original of plots, but the monster itself is totally alien. It doesn't speak English and can't communicate with humans at all, which is already a step up from something like The Day the Earth Stood Still wherein Michael Rennie spoke English well. The cast is fairly good and they do the best with the tiny sets that they have, and there's some atmosphere in there to be had as well. I kind of liked the movie more than I thought I would and was surprised by it, and I'm sure that many people who are into this era of B movies are when they watch it too. It's not a perfect movie, but it's much better than I expected to be, and I'd say I'd recommend it.

Max N (es) wrote: La idea es excelente, un guion muy comprometido con lo que pasaba en la epoca de posguerra en el Japon. Tecnicamente es perfecta y el rodaje en locaciones hace dudar si fueron realmente los italianos los que crearon el dichoso Neorrealismo. Sin embargo la historia cae muchas veces en la cursileria facilona, ademas de que algunas secuencias estan alargadas hasta el hastio. Esto ultimo es un tipico pecado de Kurosawa. Interesante.

Matt G (it) wrote: A beautifully written and delightfully irreverent silent rom-com. Leaning on humor based in choreography and heartbreakingly pure sweetness, Chaplin manages complete sincerity right beside his disdain for high-society. Maybe not as inventive or groundbreaking as Modern Times, but still pretty darn great.

Brandon S (ag) wrote: Easily one of the finest American action films of the '80s. However, this film has a lot more going for it than one may think. Firstly, the phenomenal chemistry between Gibson and Glover, which is helped by a great deal of improvisation friendly direction from the great Richard Donner. All while sporting, possibly, the best performance of Mel Gibson's career.If, somehow, none of that interests you; Shane Black's script is a masterpiece, and the action is spectacular.