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Allen G (br) wrote: Not quite the big goodbye that Ebert deserved (it comes across as a well-produced TV special rather than a real motion picture event for the most part) but that's not to say that there isn't a lot to like here. Unsurprisingly, Ebert's life and the man himself make for a fascinating two hours. I'd argue that it focuses too much on Ebert later in life, which is entirely expected and understandable, but I think it does lead the film to feel a bit under-cooked. Due to his deteriorating health, for example, much the film's content comes from emails that he sent to the filmaker. Whilst they are indeed good contributions to the film and they were the most practical option given the circumstances, I still think it hurts the film somewhat. Anyway, a must-see for Ebert fans and those interested in film criticism in general.

YK G (ag) wrote: Serviceable gruesome comedy.

John D (nl) wrote: Overall, goofy and unoriginal. what is Robin Willis doing in this film? Even his brilliance doesn't make it work. On the bright side, it did have some entertaining parts. Not entirely without merit.

Mauricio R (jp) wrote: Despite the deliberate attempt to make the plot clear and some other redeeming qualities (i.e. KK), the confusing plot and sometimes overabundant violence & gore shots really sink this movie for me.

Terri L (it) wrote: Mariah Carey is a surprisingly good actress!

Dave M (es) wrote: Aka Chrissy Walken Save Columbia Basically this is like a more violent episode of the A-Team. Or your run of the mill action movie from the same time period though this is pretty preachy. And anything with Christopher Walken and Michael Ironside in it can't be all bad. Ironside is basically channeling a bit of Ham from the V miniseries, could have done with more of him. Look out for an early Luis Guzman appearance as a dealer.

Mlany V (au) wrote: when I ws a child I loved to watch this film. My dream was to get lost in a Isle.. hahaha.. crazy thought!

bill s (jp) wrote: This movie is so bad it's really frigin bad.

Ben G (au) wrote: An entertaining comedy with better-than-average writing by Neil Simon.

Caesar B (fr) wrote: This romantic dramedy is full of Cassavetes' trademark awkward silences. Rowlands is in top form here, and Cassel give an uproarious performance as a ne'er-do-well hippie who falls in love at first sight.

Joseph M (es) wrote: Great movie Diane Keaton and Michael Douglas were beautiful together

Michael F (fr) wrote: Initially interesting tale of an attempted perfect murder that ultimately loses its compulsion (I thank you) as the plot fizzles out behind overblown courtroom speeches.

Valerie F (es) wrote: interesting how the of fashion affects ppl. great movie.