Always Kabhi Kabhi

Always Kabhi Kabhi

Sameer Khanna lives a wealthy lifestyle along with his dad, Adesh, and mom, Suman, and studies in St. Marks High School. He is attracted to statuesque London-returned student, Aishwarya Dhawan, while his close friend, Tariq Naqvi, likes Nandini Oberoi. The four hang out together, though Nandini is resentful of Aishwarya and her parents, and even play characters in Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. The four, while attending a wild party, have to flee when the police raid the premise. Three are able to get away, but Sameer is apprehended, held in a cell, and beaten by two police inspectors - who claim they have evidence that he is a drug peddler. They agree to let him go provided he bribes them with Rs.50,000/-. The question remains what will Sameer do under these circumstances?

A story centered on four students coming of age during a year at their school, St. Marks. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Liesl E (ca) wrote: A delightfully quirky coming of age tale featuring many notably funny actors in small supporting roles.

Martin G (gb) wrote: Film d'animation (adapt d'un court-mtrage) d'origine espagnole sympathique. L'histoire reste prvisible mais la qualit d'animation, les personnages comiques, les clin d'oeils et les plusieurs bon gags en font tout de mme un film ass drle dans l'ensemble.

Fernando C (ru) wrote: absolutely hated it!!!!

Kevin C (nl) wrote: Ok, but not one to stick in the mind. The superficial order and enviable comfort of home life contrasts with the chaos of the film company, Moon Films, a struggling and passionate outfit where there??s not enough money in the bank or time in the day to satisfy the interests of both the arthouse filmmakers they produce and a growing list of creditors. Hmm the critics were always going to buy into this. There??s a sadness at the core of this impressive and moving film, but it feels wrong to call it a tragedy, more a humanism tale?

Vaibhav W (ru) wrote: A documentary about Afghan Star - the country's only televised talentcompetition, this one gives a inside look in the lives of Afghan youthand the media. Recommended!

Eric S (us) wrote: Great book, great movie. Nice criticism of missionaries and neo-colonialism. And it has Tom Waits.

The Critic (fr) wrote: A disappointing addition to the 'Carry On' franchise that only watchable because of the cast's energy and apparent enjoyment of the material. But as good as the regulars are, the absence of Kenneth Williams is too strong to go unnoticed.

Joseph Q (ca) wrote: As tragic as it is charming, American Graffiti examines the end of an era with a crystal clear magnifying glass. A young cast and strong performances throughout, this film is one for the ages.

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J M (fr) wrote: Amateurish Christian propaganda. Preaching to the choir. All non-Christian characters are predictably horrible people. Remarkably, this embarrassment has paved the way for more faith-based films.

Andrew L (au) wrote: Lame duck of the series