Always Outnumbered

Always Outnumbered

An ex-con moves to L.A. to find work and creates a disturbance by fighting for a position. More importantly he touches the lives of many of his neighbors including an older man dying of cancer, a young married couple whose husband is too proud to accept a lesser position which causes strife with his wife, and a young boy on the verge of getting in trouble with street gangs.

An ex-con moves to L.A. to find work and creates a disturbance by fighting for a position. More importantly he touches the lives of many of his neighbors including an older man dying of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erica Q (fr) wrote: Really funny movie!! It's a little extreme but it has a good story line. Funny funny!

Rini N (fr) wrote: It's not everyday I watch a teenage horror movie. And this is a good one.

Christopher L (br) wrote: It was okay. Mostly predictable syrup, nowhere near as good as something like "My Best Friend's Wedding" (which I love). Some very funny scenes and nice little awkward moments, but mostly meh. Too bad.

Robyn M (br) wrote: Put together every cheesey chick flick you've ever seen, and you get She drives me crazy. It reminded me of Patrick Dempsey's geeky teen years and that film with Freddie Prinze Jr. where he makes over some chick over a sleazy bet.This film drives me crazy, period. what i can't seem to understand is how popular it was when they released it onto the big screen.

Domenic S (fr) wrote: Four rooms is a fantastic movie with a fantastic idea, funny as Fuck writing and great directing all of the four segments are good and none come flat also this is the best movie with Madonna in it an Absolute must watch

Susan K (ca) wrote: goes really slow until the last 20 minutes, then wow. i wasn't sure how i felt about it, but i couldn't stop thinking about it for weeks afterward so yeah i think it is a really great film.

Kate C (au) wrote: I don't trust you Bill

Glenn L (nl) wrote: It's better than The Wild Bunch, in my opinion. It just might be the manliest movie ever made, next to Predator.

Santiago T (ag) wrote: la pelcula es entretenida y es acorde a la batalla real, pero mucha informacin se suelta haci no ms y usaron el mismo tipo avin para las escenas de combate ( un avion japones para todo y el mismo americano)

Cody B (ca) wrote: An excellent Western, featuring Clint Eastwood as the best cowboy ever. Shirley Maclaine has the greatest role of any, and the whole movie is just fantastic. Rather fast-paced.

Arebell J (de) wrote: This one of my favorite movies of Elvis Presley...

Timothy J (br) wrote: A weak beginning for Harrison Ford in the role of Jack Ryan.

Michael R (nl) wrote: Still stands up to modern action.

G Brandon H (ag) wrote: Terrible sci-fi film. Good concept, bad execution.

Robert H (jp) wrote: This shot on video anthology film falls in between a Chris Seaver movie and a John Waters outing. Clearly the title suggests trash and it is here in spades. Vulgar dialogue, poo, fart, dick, sex, etc. jokes abound. Nudity is present but never over the top. And crossdressing (transvestites) is omnipresent. Oddly enough, there is a horror aspect to the film that was very unexpected. With tales of voodoo and serial killing mixed in between simulated sex scenes, groin stimulation, and homosexuality, Trashology almost has my interest piqued... but then we get more poorly lit scenes of bad dialogue, non-arousing sexuality, and bad wigs and I'm again, no longer interested. Fans of Seavers weird low budget schlock will likely really appreciate the goings on in Trashology. Those looking for a more sleazy John Waters film, may see something in Trashology but will quickly realize... nobody does John Waters like John Waters does John Waters.

Alex W (au) wrote: Yeah its amateurish but its an independent film with a first time director so i cant be to tough on it. It gets its point across without being preachy, shows the start of a modern day grassroots movement, and its shows the hypocrisy of acting like your for a cause without really believing or participating. I don't believe in there cause but maybe some reviewers who also don't gave it a bad review. For the record i though this was a doc before i watched it. It has some sloppy pacing and it really in love with its soundtrack.