Always Yours

Always Yours

Lola and Alfredo survive on the fringes of crime. Their business comes to an abrupt end when Alfredo is arrested. Lola gets the chance of working in a jazz club where the couple meet some ...

Lola and Alfredo survive on the fringes of crime. Their business comes to an abrupt end when Alfredo is arrested. Lola gets the chance of working in a jazz club where the couple meet some ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan B (de) wrote: Had to think about this one. I'm in the middle on it. I wasn't really moved by it. It had some very wonderful scenes but not enough to keep me 100% riveted. I was impressed by how well it captured the real Baltimore so just for that, I'd recommend you see it. Plus, the director seemed like a really nice guy. I think its great too that a local filmmaker is getting so much acclaim. Get out and show him some love!

Alisa A (ru) wrote: This is the best movie ever.

Nadine S (gb) wrote: Fantastic documentary & sports film that just happens to be about the sport of wheelchair rugby & the people that play.

khurram m (ru) wrote: this was serious stuff. story line, relevance to a particular time in history of Pakistan. there was alot for me to learn.

Michael F (it) wrote: About as good as I thought it would be, the beginning was gawd aweful, the rest was pretty OK. Only one good song, I can tell why they didn't have any music in the trailer. It's gimmicky like the Shrek movies after 2. But it did look quite well.

Aswin W (ru) wrote: Meh had funny moments but not the kind to keep.

Hugh J (nl) wrote: There's enough stuff to like in this, the opening was fairly badass, the remote controlled car chase, Teri Hatcher, hell, even Jonathan Pryce doing a nerdier version of Christopher Walken is entertaining. Maybe it's cause I've seen this too many times but it's not as good as other Bond flicks...

Sabino C (it) wrote: A Classic. Drama/Crime Film. Rourke is amazing. Adrien Brody is also top notch. but, it is Ted Levine who steals every scene he is in.

Tim S (us) wrote: Dead Space is yet another Alien ripoff from Roger Corman, but this time he seems to be ripping off his own ripoff: Forbidden World (at least that's how it comes off to me). The movie itself is a bit of a dud with a few splashes of interest throughout. Marc Singer doesn't do much to improve things. He's just sort of there, and while he tries to have a commanding presence, he sort of fails. There's some nice gore shots for those who are interested, but the framework surrounding them is mostly boring. I would recommend it mainly to fans of bad movies and Roger Corman productions, but otherwise, most won't get anything out of it.

Wahida K (es) wrote: One two ka Four my Name is Lakhan..Christ hardly remember the Movie plot, but the songs were just BRILLIANT! They are still now. Anil Kapoor in his best days. It looks like Anil Kapoor is never aging. He is the only Bollywood actor I see who never changes, you recgonize him quickly unlike many other "Bollywood Actors." even in their 30`s you suddenly get easily irritated either they take to much those Muscle Blow up stuff or they just get fat. lol Or they dont take care of themselves. Sorry but I never liked Dimple in any of her Movies, beside her Daughter, she is one of the very very few person in the world I wouldnt like to see anywhere where I have my fun. lolJackie Babu gar raho! It is time to quit.

Thomas S (ag) wrote: This movie scared the crap out of me

William M (de) wrote: A poor-mans "My Fair Lady" - just doesn't hold up well over time

Jeremy S (br) wrote: Not as good as the first one Just going to the well for a bit more money

Michael R (gb) wrote: Boring Paranormal Thriller...

Des S (ca) wrote: This movie didn't turn out to be as exciting as I had hoped, but I really enjoyed how the twist caught me off guard. It was a good ending to an interesting movie.

Eliabeth H (ru) wrote: this is a cute movie