A dying man entrusts his lives earnings to Purshotam, a stranger he just met, and asks him to promise to take this money to his wife, and son, Pradeep, in a remote village in India, to ...

A dying man entrusts his lives earnings to Purshotam, a stranger he just met, and asks him to promise to take this money to his wife, and son, Pradeep, in a remote village in India, to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cedra W (us) wrote: This is one of those action movies that is so bad it is actually kind of good. Channing Tatum steals the show by combing his comedic timing with his decently choreographed action sequences. Jamie Foxx does his best to play the Barack Obama caricature but ultimately fails in his role of comedic support. There were moments that were genuinely funny and some very well shot action sequences but the marriage between the two ultimately failed and the overall movie suffered as a result.

Martin K (de) wrote: Con O'Neill is brilliant, translating his leading stage role to the film version. You may not recognise the name, but he's a familiar face off british TV and he gives his all in this leading role as Joe Meek, the man who brought the tune Telstar to the world and set up a recording studio in his first floor flat. Nick Moran (writer/director) proves that you should never judge a book by its cover and the rest of the cast is is wonderfully ego-less, Spacey, Corden and the fantastic Pam Ferris deserve specific mention. Not exactly a happy story though...

Paul J (nl) wrote: Too bad they weren't Christians. But then this wouldn't be a horror story, would it?

James H (it) wrote: Nicely acted, but dang this can be a slow moving and boring movie, particularly the scenes with Karen Black. The first 30 minutes seemed endless. The cinematography is fine, and it has a good feel of the south.

Seth C (ru) wrote: "3 Ninjas - High Noon on Mega Mountain" is a sequel to the original movie that starred three teenagers who learn to be surprisingly powerful ninjas. It takes place on Tom-Tom's birthday where he decides to take his brothers and their friends to Mega Mountain, an uber-cool amusement park in their hometown. Of course semi-retarded karate ninjas invade the park and its up to the 3 Ninjas to save the park as well as their girls. How this movie ended up on my Netflix queue, I have no idea. I know I am really into theme parks and this takes place at a theme park, thats the only reason I can think of. The acting was of course terrible. I've seen better acting in 1960's era horror movies. There were mess-ups all over the place im the film and in the script. It seemed to be a film that was thrown together at the last minute and seemed to mainly focus on promoting the careers of Hulk Hogan and Loni Anderson. The film is suitable for the whole family. A few tiny words here and there and then theres the whole karate stuff but nothing a toddler can't appreciate. If you are a kid this is probably pretty awesome but I just can't say it does justice from a critic standpoint.

Miguel R (it) wrote: Stylish, unique, and surreal, Dark City is a fantastic piece of sci-fi fantasy thanks to its dazzling visuals and eerie feel

Leah P (es) wrote: I heart Gary Oldman (Even as a deaf, cantankerous, tortured artist such as Beethoven)!!! Re-watching this film always prompts me to pull out all my old Beethoven sheet music!

Hli L (us) wrote: Lee Tamahori's one hit wonder is visceral and owes a lot to actors Rena Owen and Temuera Morrison. There's something deliciously exciting about the fact it beat Jurassic Park at the time of its release in NZ too. Should I watch the sequel?

Aaron H (fr) wrote: Another great film from Itami satirizing an aspect of modern Japanese society, this time, tax cheats.

BMovie N (it) wrote: I love the WIP genre, and this is the best example. The Big Doll House is great, Caged Heat is a classic, and I really liked the excesses of Sadomania and Ilsa: the Wicked Warden, but Chained Heat is just sublime. Linda Blair, Sybil Danning, Stella Stevens, Tamara Dobson aka Cleopatra Jones, Monique Gabrielle...there's more scenery chewing, beautiful T & A, gore, and just general badassery per minute than any of the previous examples. There's also sleaze, drug use, sadism, and a knife fight between Danning and Dobson: this last is a showdown between the toughest white and black woman in the joint, so it's a good one. John Vernon (the dean from Animal House) is the warden who dishes out powdered dope treats in exchange for hot tub sex. It's as if the director, writer, and actors said, "Let's give the drive-in audience exactly what they paid for, and just deliver a hot, sleazy, kick ass, fun movie!" Anyone who thinks most movies today are entertaining should 1) have their head examined, then 2) watch this and realize that most movies are about as fun as watching a less-involving-than-average video game. 46% liking this one on Flixster makes me realize that I'm probably wasting my time here, if you like exploitation movies, you're OK - if you're not go join the other 54% watching American Idol you lame f**k.

Rahul T (ag) wrote: brilliantly surreal. its like walking like a crazy horse, when you are watching it. fuck all logicass. thy surreal can be disgustingly brilliant and brilliantly disgusting, happy, sad, sexy and crazy

Linda S (ag) wrote: I love almost all Italian films.. the older the better. Like a travelogue.

Sarah F (es) wrote: I wonder what this is about, i think ill see it!

Thomas S (kr) wrote: This war film directed by the one and only great Stanley Kubrick gives what Winston Churchill calls an accurate portrayal of the war and life in the trenches. Kirk Douglas gives a grand performance, as do the other supporting cast. I won't give too much away but this film is very powerful and I really recommend watching it!

Russ B (ag) wrote: 1/17/2016: Much better than I anticipated. It was pretty funny.

Matthew A (mx) wrote: Intriguing movie about modern-day gypsies suffers from an overly conventional plot that's reminiscent of The Godfather. The main showcase is Eric Roberts, who made his film debut as the next King of the gypsies. Worth a look.