Amanece, que no es poco

Amanece, que no es poco

A village and the crazy situations encountered by its citizens.

Theodore, a young Spanish engineer who works as a professor at the University of Oklahoma, returned to Spain to enjoy a sabbatical year. Upon arrival, he discovers that his father killed his mother and, to compensate for the loss, he bought a motorcycle with sidecar to travel together. Father and son arrive in a remote mountain village seems empty, what happens is that all residents are in church every day, because the Mass is a true spectacle. Jimmy and Theodore are discovering the peculiarities of the people, attend the elections held each year to appoint mayor, priest, teacher, bitch ... In addition, the town has come a group of students at the American University of Eaton, a Belgian meteorologists, a dissident group of the Russian Army Choir, invading people's hidden above ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Larry R (gb) wrote: Love movies based on what really happened. Well acted story about amazingly brave undercover officers.

Darren A (it) wrote: I do find the cover to be inappropriate and feel that if it were not as graphic perhaps the movie would have attracted a wider audience. I think that it was very well done. The message here really is about self acceptance

Ricky C (mx) wrote: Good movie, good message but it has some flaws. It's like the Bollywood remake of ''The miracle worker (1962)''. Tough Its hard to call it a Bollywood movie... Its language is English. All Hindus in the movie are Christian. And there are no dance scenes !!!

John M (jp) wrote: Jumping the shark. So Hellworld is a MMORPG, and when a group of former hardcore gamers attend an invite-only house party for players, all might not be as it seems. When you read the plot description and you get to the acronym, you can't help but ask yourself, "Are you kidding me?" Sure, World of Warcraft was becoming wildly popular at the time, but is that really enough to base a Hellraiser movie off of? Hellworld is a parody of the entire series, and not one that entirely fails, but one that falls largely flat. It takes place in an entirely different universe from the rest of the series, because you have people that are already aware of Pinhead and horror movie rules; this is closer to a Scream movie than it is Hellraiser. It is as winky and as nudgy as can be, and the one person who I think does succeed in fully grasping this is Henry Cavill; out of everybody here, he's the one who realizes just how ridiculous this is being, and he actually got laughs out of me, which is what I think/hope this was going for. This is more about ridiculous kills than it is atmosphere, which may be what a Friday the 13th movie is about, but that's not Hellraiser. This may have something to do with Saw being released the year prior, but that doesn't excuse all of the many plot elements that make zero sense. Honestly, it's about time for Doug Bradley to retire from the role... said the man who is about to watch the infamous Hellraiser 9... I'll let you know if I regret those words in the next review.

Adam L (jp) wrote: A hark back to the Shaw Brothers' "Heroes Two" (1974), "Men from the Monastery" (1974), and "Executioners from Shaolin" (1977) with one noticeable difference: it's written and directed by Wong Jing -- the Roger Corman of Hong Kong cinema -- and his sticky finger prints are visible in nearly every frame. Anachronisms, brutality, gratuitous under-cranking, precocious youths, randy old women, and toilet humor abound in this frustrating but watchable early '90s gung fu flick starring a stone cold Jet Li as real-life Ching Dynasty rebel Hong Xi Guan.

Greg W (us) wrote: sillier less entertaining than the first pic

Johnny W (au) wrote: "And I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days." ~ Crash Davis, played by Kevin Costner

Scott P (fr) wrote: One of my new favorite movies. Absolutely loved it.

Jack B (us) wrote: ok, could have been better, Great title track performed by BBKing

Alec B (au) wrote: There's an argument to made that it's a tad overrated, yes it boasts the gorgeous visuals and unique world building that's a hallmark of Miyazaki's best work, but the themes get a little too heavy handed. Anyway I'm probably just nitpicking, the finale does have some great moments and it's positive ending seems earned.

Joey T (ca) wrote: "My cookie would kill you"

Anthony F (ru) wrote: classic Pitch Black Riddick. If you enjoyed the first movie you will like this one.