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Amaya torrent reviews

Isabella M (us) wrote: The concept is very similar to the film Epic, although I think that Arrietty's story is more memorable because of its classic animation and heartwarming (and admittedly, tearjerking) story. The Secret World of Arrietty is unlike any other miniature world.

Guito A (us) wrote: I thought that it was the last movie of the American Pie series. But it's only one of the worst movies that i've ever seen. I just want to help people to don't waste 1.30h. Do another thing, trust me.

Alberto M (au) wrote: Demasiadas incoherencias narrativas terminan estropeando por completo la pelicula. Ni el charm offbeat la salva.

Shane J (jp) wrote: Forgettable action thriller time!! Keaton's murderer's bone marrow is wanted for garcia's fbi agents son, que escape as keaton runs around the hospital while garcia chase's him trying not to kill him all in a time limit as his son doesnt have long left. As amazingly unrealistic that sounds its nothing on the fact that garcia is so dumb he doesn't think to just shoot him in the legs straight away and that the police dont think maybe we should put him to sleep before he gets anywhere near the hospital?? Keaton is also a computer genius somehow?? Entertaining in a throw away way, just dont expect anything amazing and prepare to forget what happened a few days later.

andrei n (de) wrote: Chuck Norris was supposed to play in Predator I, but the idea was dropped since nobody would pay 9 bucks to watch a 14 seconds movie.

alex i dont do what good girl do (ru) wrote: Oooh my fav movie of all time!

Toby R (jp) wrote: Yes, I really have watched this movie - brilliantly bad eighties slasher cheese.

Luc L (it) wrote: A film based about true events of a British serial killer. A well made film.

Tyson P (nl) wrote: you have to understand that this movie was made to look like the video game and hopefuly didnt want to be taken to seriously. Its a little fun to watch

Rob Y (us) wrote: One of the better Seagal films, but that's not saying much. Bit more glossy that usual.

Christopher B (ca) wrote: This was great. Any Anderson fan will enjoy

Fran P (nl) wrote: A train-wreck of a movie! I don't even know where to begin. One-dimensional characters run amok, a manipulative storyline that tries to be bold but utterly fails, and an extremely slow pacing are some of the few characteristics of this disaster. There wasn't a single second of the film when I believed that characters' motivations and ways of thinking. On the other hand, maybe this picture is too planned, too calculated to the point where it ended up as a complete mess due to its unmanageable gravity. I wish the filmmakers made the story as simple as possible and have gone to the slasher direction. With its bumbling characters and supposed shockers, one can say that it tried to be the next "The Silence of the Lambs" which serves as a character study of a serial killer. Avoid this one if you can. I'd rather gouge my eyes out than to watch this movie again.