A vengeful princess waits for the right moment to kill her foster-father - the emperor.

A vengeful princess waits for the right moment to kill her foster-father - the emperor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark M (au) wrote: Great movie on Hosea and unconditional love!

Anna B (ag) wrote: My least favorite Amanda Bynes movie.

Sheena O (gb) wrote: Even though it was a horror movie, it had some humorous parts within it. I think the small parts that were funny helped lighten the movie up quite a bit. Overall, a successful movie. Great ending!

Ashley R (ca) wrote: It was very out there

Kyle M (gb) wrote: This senior citizens rom-com is all about the good heart and the theme of friendship. (B+)(Full review coming soon)

John C (kr) wrote: One of the best thrillers I've ever seen. Truffaut crafted a wonderfully loving tribute to the Master.

Karl S (ag) wrote: What the hell happens in this movie?

Allan C (gb) wrote: I've always liked this oddball film noir. The film has a great cast with Robert Mitchum, Jane Russell, William Bendix, Brad Dexter, and one of my favorite actresses, Gloria Grahame. The film was directed by Josef von Sternberg, with some rewrites and part of the film directed by the great Nicholas Ray, although there are conflicting reports as to how much of the film Ray directed. In any case, the end result is a very fun tale of romance and intrigue involving Mitchum and Bendix in an uneasy alliance to take down crime boss Dexter, while also dealing with a love triangle between Dexter, Russell, and Mitchum. Behind the scenes, director von Sternberg reportedly clashed with everyone on set, doing things like refusing to allow food on the set, to which Mitchum would bring a large picnic basket to set every day to share. Grahame also reportedly did not want to be on this picture and wanted producer Howard Hughes to loan her to Paramount to star in "A Place in the Sun," but Hughes refused to release her. Grahame would have been perfect for the role that eventually went to Shelley Winters, so it's a real tragedy Hughes refused to release her. I'm sure Grahame would have brought a lot more sympathy to the role compared to Winters performance which simply came off as irritating. But back to this film, "Macao" is not as smart as von Sternberg or Ray's best films, but it's a stylishly shot film and quite a bit of fun. And you also get Russell singing "One for My Baby." Even though this film isn't perfect, it is one that for some reason always sticks in my mind and one I like to every so often revisit.

Blake P (kr) wrote: Wow, a lot better than I thought! Ralls (Wayne) is a tough captain of the mysterious ship, The Red Witch. When he sinks it, a mate (Young) wants to know why. He finds the man responsible, Ralls follows, and then he falls in love with this guys girl, Angelique (Russell). Ralls and Angelique almost get to the point of marriage, but her fiancee ends it with tragedy. But even without her, Ralls has to win the gold back he lost when he sunk the Red Witch-- can he do it? "Wake of the Red Witch" was something that I expected to be a dud. When people talk about John Wayne, I never hear of this, rather "The Shootist" or "The Searchers". When I finally watched it, I felt like it should be well known. It has a very fun, easy plot and Russell and Wayne's chemistry is very good after the previous "Angel and the Badman". Russell is an exceptional actress and reminds me a lot of another unknown Ella Raines. What's probably the most impressive thing about this movie is its underwater photography. Much of the plot depended on it, and they somehow made it look realistic, full of action, and beautiful. Nice thing to see. "Wake of the Red Witch" is pretty good, so check it out!

Thomas B (kr) wrote: This is a "must see" Hitchcock film!!!! An accused saboteur is chased across the country to a great finale scene at the statue of liberty. (Plus Pricilla Lane is in it!!! What a babe!!!)